NADRA is working on Pakistan’s first digital national identity app and system for verification of documents at citizen’s doorsteps. The news has come from NADRA Chairman, Muhammad Tariq Malik that will make the overall process easy especially during Covid days when most people avoid going out due to fear or disability which prevents them from doing so easily

Also, this new service would be a big relief for those who cannot easily go out because they live in remote areas with no access roads – making it difficult if not impossible then cumbersome task every year (or even just temporarily) since one must wait hours before having their papers verified by someone else while standing outside an office building!

NADRA to Launch Pakistan’s first digital App

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) Chairman recently announced that they have introduced a mobile app for Android & iOS users called “PAK-ID.” This application lets you enroll your fingerprint as well as capture documents through digital verification, which can be used in place of visiting an agency or submitting paperwork by mail.

national identity app

Muhammad Tariq Malik, the minister for information and communications technology (ICT) in Pakistan has revealed that his country is set to introduce digital ID technology. This will revolutionize not only how people are identified but also change business activities throughout all sectors of society with its adoption across various industries and services.” “‘With this futuristic mobile app,’ said Mr. Moula during an interview at a seminar organized by US consulate Lahore last week ‘Pakistan became one-of-the very few countries which introduced such kind ‘futuristic system.'”

No doubt, this is the first time that the government is taking a keen interest in a public-private partnership which has brought some mega projects for NADRA. It is also promoting e-system to facilitate the people and help them get rid of paper procedures that were going on till now.

While all the initiatives are quite good, the only core thing to be enlightened is that these systems should be user-friendly so that most people are able to better understand and use them.


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