The Twitterverse is abuzz with reports that Pakistan has been canceled after the New Zealand Cricket Board (NZCB) cited “security risks” as their reasoning for canceling this evening’s tour match against India.

The Black Caps were scheduled to face off at Rawalpindi Oval in front of an expected crowd of 30,000 before traveling down south and playing five games total – two Twenty20 Internationals followed by three One Day International matches beginning next week; there’s talk now about whether they’ll play those or come home early due maybe some new scheduling demands from Sharaf-patterned emergency measures have become increasingly commonplace since 9/11 but we’re willing to tousle

The team had come to the country after 18 years due to favorable feedback from a security expert they sent out on an evaluation. The experts were happy with how secure everything was and so is PCB, who are willing for this last-minute pullout according to them only if there’s more time before matches start

PakVsNZ trends on twitter

One example given by newspaper sources said “the government has done well securing international venues”

The Prime Ministers of Pakistan and New Zealand just had a chillingly cordial conversation about the safety of an upcoming sports team visit, but what’s really going on? The internet can’t seem to get enough!

Netizens are trolling India

The Pakistani government has been keeping its eye on possible terror threats in anticipation of this event. They were relieved when they learned there was no danger at all from their close partner – or so it seemed before these Tweets started coming through: “I am sorry we lied.”#PakVsNZ


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