Pakistani Telecom Company, Ufone has been awarded Next Generation Mobile Services (NGMS) spectrum by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) as a result of the recently held spectrum auction. The company won the exclusive license to provide 4G customer experience across all areas in order for their customers to be able offer best data rates and quality connections possible while on the go!

Ufone 4G

Federal Minister for IT & Telecom Syed Aminul Haq along with senior officials from both ministry’s attended today’s event where they cut open an envelope containing bids submitted during last month’s sale process which included high profile names such Facebook Dezire Wireless Co., Ltd.; Airtel Infiniti Joint Venture LLP; Telenor Brightstar Norway AS

Hatem Bamatraf, President and Group CEO of PTCL & Ufone has announced the acquisition of additional 4G Spectrum in order to fully optimize their mobile data services. This will enable them further enhance their users’ experience by expanding the existing network which is currently being used for digital transformation such as education systems or banking environment. As Hatem says “This should be a historic day not just for us but many other telecom companies who are now able access new markets with this bandwidth.”

Amer Shahzad (Retd.), the president and CEO of PTCL & Ufone, signed a contract with Hatem Bamatraf today. The company will be using its spectrum to introduce innovative products as well as enhance customer experience by providing high-quality internet access throughout Pakistan!

Ufone was awarded 4G

Bamatraf expressed his gratitude towards the government for executing such a transparent process during auctioning off telecom licenses in regards to letting them use these frequencies.”

Ufone is launching an exciting new service that will bring cellular connectivity to areas where there previously was none. The additional spectrum they have purchased enables them not only to connect Pakistanis living in far-flung regions without access but also allows people who live in urban centers and towns alike the opportunity of experiencing products on a whole other level unmatched by anything before it!


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