Google Chrome Incognito Mode and is it Safe


Incognito mode enables a browsing session that ensures privacy. This session does not retain website cache, cookies, login credentials, browsing history, or any other browser-related activities.

What is Incognito Mode and is it Safe ?


Nevertheless, this privacy function is just available for the local computer. It fails to conceal your online behavior.

Your online activities might be constantly monitored by the websites you visit, your Internet Service Provider (ISP), or your network administrator.

Let us thoroughly examine everything.

Incognito Mode is Designed For

During a typical browsing session, your web browser stores supplementary data to facilitate easier access in subsequent sessions. Additionally, it utilizes the DNS cache to expedite the loading process of frequently accessed websites.

Google Chrome Incognito Mode and is it Safe
Incognito Mode is Designed For

Incognito mode is specifically designed to avoid all of these actions. To provide a comprehensive explanation,

It refrains from retaining your browsing activities, login information, shopping activity, and cache data within the online browser.
It deletes the website’s cookies when closing the website. In this manner, you may not encounter relevant advertisements and other suggested content during a typical browsing session.
It does not retrieve the cached data and stored cookies from your regular browsing session. Therefore, all websites will be in a state where users are not signed in, and the cache will not have any impact on the search results.
Additionally, it circumvents the DNS cache of the system or browser. Therefore, any possible inaccurate DNS records stored in the cache will not have any impact on your surfing session.
You can selectively deactivate your extensions exclusively for the incognito session.

Google Chrome Incognito Mode and is it Safe

There exist numerous misunderstandings regarding the incognito mode. This feature is exclusively designed for private browsing and so lacks the following capabilities:

It fails to conceal your IP address, hence it is incapable of providing anonymity on the internet. You will continue to be restricted to a specific geographical location.
Both your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the websites you visit have the ability to track your browsing activities.
If your computer is connected to a domain, the IT department of your school or organization will monitor your network activities.
Data encryption is not provided. Hence, any information transmitted over the internet can be readily intercepted, particularly on public WiFi networks.
Bookmarking a webpage in incognito mode will result in its retention in your bookmark list.
Files downloaded while using incognito mode will remain stored on your machine. Your browser will omit it from its download list.
Search recommendations may still be provided based on your typical browsing behavior.
It is ineffective in combating the malware and spyware present on your PC. It will not hinder those who are monitoring your surfing activity.


Although Incognito Mode can safeguard your activities from other users of your computer, it should not be considered a reliable defense against cyber dangers.

However, if your intention is to maintain anonymity on the internet or avoid websites from monitoring your online behavior, it is advisable to utilize a reliable virtual private network (VPN) instead.

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