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Zong SMS Packages Weekly Monthly Daily Prepaid Postpaid 2022 Updated

Zong Daily Weekly Monthly Call Packages 2020

Zong SMS Packages Weekly Monthly Daily Prepaid Postpaid Updated Prices and Details

PriceSMSMMSMB/MinsACTIVATION CODEWhatsAppValiditySubscription
Rs.3.99/-500 SMS/day100 MMS/day1MB30 MB/dayMidnight same dayDial *700# and reply with 1
Rs.5/-100 SMS30MB1 DayDial 118*1#
Rs.8/-800 SMS50MB+ unlimited on net mins1 DayDial 118*1#
Rs.8/-100SMS50MB +100 on net mins1 DayDial *2200*1#
Rs.8/-100SMS90 free Mins1 DayDial *369#
Rs.8/-500 SMS10000 Free on-net Mins1 DayDial *666#
Rs.12/-500 SMS10000 Free on-net Mins40MB1 DayDial *118*2#

Zong Zulu SMS Bundle

Rs.3500 SMS/day1MBN/AN/AMidnight same dayDial *700#

Zong Weekly SMS Package

PriceSMSMB/ MinsWhatsAppValiditySubscription
Rs.17/-1500 SMS1MB200MB7 DaysDial *702#
Rs.90/-500 SMS500 (on-net) mins + 40 (off-net), 500MBN/A7 DaysDial *7#
Rs.150/-700 SMS700 (on-net) mins + 40 (off-net), 700MBN/A7 DaysDial *6464#
Rs.250/-1500 SMS1500 (on-net) mins + 100 (off-net), 1500MBN/A7 DaysDial *70#

Zong Monthly SMS Package

Rs.50/-500 SMSN/A30 Days30MBDial *705#
Rs.300/-1000 SMS1000 (on-net) mins + 100 (off-net), 1000MB30 DaysN/ADial *1000#
Rs.385/-2000 SMS2000 (on-net) mins + 150 (off-net), 2000MB30 DaysN/ADial *6464# > 4 > 2
Rs.500/-1000 SMS1000 (on-net) mins + 50 (off-net), 2500MB30 DaysN/ADial *1313#
Rs.615/-4000 SMS4000 (on-net) mins + 300 (off-net), 4000MB30 DaysN/ADial *3030#
Rs.1000/-1500 SMS2000 (on-net) mins + 150 (off-net), 5000MB30 DaysN/ADial*1313#
Rs.1155/-8000 SMS8000 (on-net) mins + 600 (off-net), 10000MB30 DaysN/ADial *1500#
Rs.1500/-3000 SMS8000 (on-net) mins + 200 (off-net), 8000MB3 MonthsN/ADial *1313#
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