Govt Confirms Paypal’s Arrival in Pakistan

Freelancers have received excellent news! The government of Pakistan will soon introduce the global payment platform, Paypal, in the country through a strategic collaboration with a third-party entity. The program aims to facilitate international payments for freelancers and IT workers, eliminating any difficulties or complications.


Dr. Umar Saif, the Interim Minister for IT and Telecom, announced the news in a video message. This collaboration is an important milestone, particularly for the country’s flourishing freelance population, which ranks fourth in the world and consists of over 1.5 million freelancers.


Govt Confirms Paypal’s Arrival in Pakistan


Dr. Saif highlighted the favorable consequences that this will have on the export of IT services and the income generated by freelancers, attributing it to recent initiatives that promote a more accessible financial system. He stated that there was a 13% surge in IT export inflows for November and expressed anticipation for the continuation of this upward trend. The Ministry of IT has taken proactive measures in several programs, such as facilitating the acquisition of smartphones through installment plans, implementing rigorous quality assessments for IT graduates, and granting approval for the National Space Policy.


Dr. Saif also conveyed his assurance on the implementation of 5G services in Pakistan by July 2024. In addition, he discussed an imminent spectrum auction that will provide 300 MHz, representing another significant advancement. In general, it appears that there are promising advancements on the horizon for Pakistan’s IT and telecom industries.

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