Is SiteGround A Good Hosting Option For Your WordPress Website?


Is SiteGround A Good Hosting Option For Your WordPress Website?


Navigating the web hosting industry can be challenging. There is a huge amount of hosting businesses out there, so it may be very tough to decide which ones are worth your money before parting with them. Today, we’ll go over all of SiteGround’s benefits for WordPress in this article as we compare the service provider’s options.


Why compose an article for SiteGround?

It’s one of the few businesses that officially endorses, and according to our users’ votes in a recent hosting survey, one of the top options.


In order to help you decide if SiteGround is the best WordPress website hosting business for you, we’ll analyze its features, support choices, performance, and pricing in this post.

Let’s get going!


SiteGround-Specific Features For WordPress


SiteGround Blog - Wordpress, Speed, Security Tips and Resources

There are several WordPress-specific features available on SiteGround, including:

Clear And Simple WordPress Setup: WordPress can be easily installed using SiteGround.

Free WordPress Website Transfer: SiteGround makes the migration procedure easier if your website is currently hosted somewhere else.

WordPress’s Built-In Update: Having trouble keeping up with WordPress updates? Behind the scenes, SiteGround handles it for you.

Supercacher For WordPress: Caching your WordPress site on three distinct levels thanks to a SiteGround-only technology that reduces load times.

One-Click Staging For WordPress: With the help of this tool, you can quickly establish a staged version of your website so that you can make changes there before transferring them to the live version.

Free WordPress Git Installation: Installing the Git for WordPress tool is possible with SiteGround if you like to get your hands dirty with code.

 It’s important to note that not all functions are accessible to all users; additional features are only made available to customers of Siteground’s Higher-Tiered Services.

Support Options


Examining the offered support options is a requirement while evaluating a website hosting provider. No matter what time of day or night it is, you’ll need assistance as quickly as possible if your website isn’t operating as it should.

SiteGround Provides the Following Assistance And Support:

  • A round-the-clock assistance system with live chat, tickets, and phone support.
  • A thorough and in-depth knowledge base.
  • Pre-recorded webinars that explain the various functions are accessible to customers.
  • Customers can use tutorials to use SiteGround more efficiently.

We personally tried out their live chat system while writing this SiteGround article for WordPress. Overall, we found their staff to be incredibly responsive and quite knowledgeable about both WordPress and their hosting service.

We asked them a lot of questions, such as specifics on SiteGround’s hosting technology and how its WordPress-specific features operate. The responses we got were quick and thorough.

As part of a survey on WordPress hosting, other users also endorsed this level of service. We also perused their webinars, tutorials, and knowledge base, all of which we found to be really enlightening.



In order to maximize performance, website hosting businesses frequently use a variety of cooperating technologies and different server locations dispersed throughout the globe. In order to examine the technologies offered with their hosting packages, let’s move on to the technical portion of this SiteGround review for WordPress.


This storage media, often known as a “Solid State Drive,” is quicker than a Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Every customer can use this hardware on any of SiteGround’s servers.


 A web server that competes with Apache and may be faster because of its lighter architecture.


A feature is unique to SiteGround that accelerates WordPress using three distinct levels of caching.


In order to speed up websites, a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of servers that delivers webpages to users based on their locations. Cloudflare is the CDN of choice for SiteGround.


This significant update to the HTTP network protocol enhances webpage performance even further.


If you want to utilize this most recent version of PHP, which has even more speed advantages, you can choose it from SiteGround’s control panel.


And lastly, there are servers for SiteGround all around the world. To be precise, in Singapore, Chicago, London, Asia, and Amsterdam. In spite of this, the network is not very large, so if you’re serving remoter customers, performance may suffer.


SiteGround vs Bluehost: Will you Pay for Performance? - WP-Tweaks


Utilizing Pingdom to test page speeds


In order to do this test, we used Pingdom three times, one for each of the three separate server locations. The cumulative average times for each server were as follows:

Australia: 1.563 seconds

Brooklyn: 0.645 seconds

Stockholm: 1.390 seconds


Simple Load Tests Using Load Impact


By simulating about 25 concurrent people visiting the homepage over the course of five minutes, Load Impact measures site speed. The test’s outcomes were as follows:


  • Load Generator: Portland, US
  • Test Server: Portland, US
  • Response time minimum: 0.738 seconds
  • Response time maximum: 1.480 seconds

The outcomes of our Pingdom tests are supported by those from Load Impact. Overall, SiteGround has behaved excellently, and site speed shouldn’t be an issue no matter where you are.



SiteGround provides many tiered price options, similar to other service providers.

Startup ($2.99 per month):

This package, as its name implies, is perfect for startups and small enterprises who want to host a single website that receives fewer than 10,000 visitors per month.

GrowBig ($4.99 per month):

Excellent for larger businesses with numerous websites that may receive up to 25,000 visits per month.

GoGeek ($7.99 each month):

The most expensive plan from SiteGround is best for big businesses with websites that receive more than 100,000 monthly visitors.


The cheapest plans from SiteGround more than equal those of their competition. For instance, the cheapest managed WordPress hosting package from Bluehost costs $19.99 per month, whereas the cheapest identical plan from GoDaddy is $4–$5.

 Advantages And Disadvantages


Let’s summarise our findings after carefully examining all of the company’s service offerings in our SiteGround article.


  • Excellent collection of features unique to WordPress.
  • The technology used, such as SSDs, CDNs, and PHP7, is cutting-edge and of the highest caliber.
  • There are several options for support, and competent staff is on hand.
  • Both load testing results and page speed were favorable.
  • The cost of a solid WordPress hosting package is reasonable.



  • We thought the SiteGround control panel was fairly plain; a revamp is absolutely required.

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