Windows WhatsApp Gets Call Connection soon


It is common knowledge that one of the Native applications that can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store is WhatsApp for Windows. The good news is that it will soon be gaining a new function that is being referred to as the “Call Link Feature.”

Users of the WhatsApp Windows App will have the ability to share call links with one another thanks to a brand-new feature. The functionality may be found on the game’s official beta channel, as stated in a report that was published not too long ago by WABetaInfo.



Nevertheless, over the next few days, it will become available to everyone who uses WhatsApp.


Now, let’s have a conversation about this brand-new feature. Users are now able to share a link to a call through WhatsApp’s newly added call link feature. It works in the same way as the link we provide for a Google Meet call, allowing anyone in possession of the link to participate in the discussion.


Windows WhatsApp Gets Call Connection soon


It’s important to point out that you can access this capability within the app by going to the calls section and tapping on the tab. This gives you the ability to select the sort of call you want to make (audio or video). In addition, users have the ability to copy the link and quickly distribute it to their other contacts.

As is the case with Google Meet, the messaging giant generates a one-of-a-kind URL each time a new call link is created.


As a result, users of WhatsApp for Windows do not need to be concerned about random strangers joining the call. If you want to call someone but don’t want to add them to your contacts, you may make advantage of this option, which is without a doubt very convenient.


According to various reports, the newly added call link feature can now be used by beta users on version 2.2307.1.0 of WhatsApp beta for Windows. If you are unable to upgrade the app to this version, then you will need to wait a few more days before you will be able to utilize the feature.


The WhatsApp developers have been putting forth a significant amount of effort ever since the year 2023 began. They have included a number of new features, such as the capability to schedule group calls, a picture-in-picture mode for video chats on iOS, a saved message function, and a whole new software for the macOS operating system, among other things.


The world’s largest messaging service is working to enhance the user experience.

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