Honour Magic RSR gets Porsche app


The Honour Magic RSR, a collaborative effort between Porsche Design and Honour, was released on the Porsche WeChat applet. By submitting a deposit of 911 yuan, you can secure your place in the initial wave of online pre-orders and be eligible to receive a special, limited-edition gift box.

Users who have made a deposit will have the privilege to access the official product link and submit their orders ahead of others, starting from January 11th to 12th. The deposit cannot be applied towards the payment of the product, and the entire money will be reimbursed on January 13th.


Honour Magic RSR gets the Porsche app


This new machine embodies the pinnacle of Porsche racing and exemplifies the fearless and pioneering spirit of Porsche design, unafraid of obstacles and pushing boundaries to the utmost extent. Honor’s latest creation, the Pioneer technology, showcases a pioneering design inspired by Porsche. The specifications, design, and more details of the machine have not been disclosed at this time. However, it is scheduled to be launched on January 11th.

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The Honour Magic6 series was released on January 11, including five colour options: Sea Lake Blue, Liuyun Purple, Qilian Snow, Mailang Green, and Velvet Black. The rear camera module utilises a “star wheel triple camera.” The design of the layout and external structure follows a traditional “pincushion” configuration, with a circular form enclosed within a square, and a square shape enclosed within a circle.

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