It is reported that Apple will release 5 models this year 2024


According to the model disclosed by the source Majin Bu on September 2, Apple intends to introduce the iPhone 15 Ultra Extreme Edition alongside the two iPhone 15 Pro models during the current year, with pricing determined in relation to the Pro models. Please augment the amount by an additional $100.

Based on recent reports, Apple is expected to make modifications to the iPhone 15 series product lineup.

Apple is expected to introduce a new iteration of its flagship smartphone, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which will feature an enhanced memory capacity of 6GB and a maximum storage option of 1TB.

It is reported that Apple will release 5 models this year 2024


According to the provided information, Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 15 Ultra, featuring 8GB of RAM and a maximum storage capacity of 2TB. Furthermore, the device will be enhanced with improved camera capabilities, resulting in a corresponding price increment of $100.


In a subsequent social media post, the individual in question disseminated a series of visual representations sourced from makers of protective cases, so providing corroborative evidence. Furthermore, the individual asserted that a total of five distinct models will be released within the current year, with the Pro Max variant not occupying the apex of the product hierarchy.


Nevertheless, the individual conveyed uncertainty regarding the veracity of the report through a personal tweet. It is plausible that the manufacturers of accessories encountered difficulties in obtaining confirmation for the Pro Max and Ultra variants, leading them to release all the models simultaneously.


According to a tweet, the individual stated that Apple is currently conducting internal testing on two Apple iPhones with a screen size of 6.7 inches. However, it is improbable that both devices would be released simultaneously.

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