Official vivo X series technical communication conference


vivo has officially stated that the upcoming X series technical communication meeting, focused on the imaging blueprint, is scheduled to take place at 14:00 on May 21. The precise details of the news conference are presently ambiguous.

Vivo recently hosted the “New Imaging Blueprint and X Series New Product Launch Conference” on May 13th. The vivo X100 Ultra smartphone was introduced. Formally, this marks Vivo’s inaugural “camera” and also their debut Ultra. Purchase a camera and receive a mobile phone.


Official vivo X series technical communication conference


The vivo X100 Ultra features a one-inch gimbal-level main camera that utilises vivo’s exclusive precision transition technology to achieve extremely precise light control, resulting in a more than 20% improvement in overall clarity. Additionally, it incorporates Zeiss T* coating, the industry’s first GLC nano-coating technology, which effectively addresses issues of ghosting and fogging.

The vivo X100 Ultra features the Zeiss 200 million APO super telephoto lens, which has a resolution of 200 million pixels and a 1/1.4 telephoto range. It utilises the FCD100 fluorite glass lens with an Abbe number of 95. The camera also supports CIPA 4.5 level anti-shake technology and incorporates the Zeiss APO chromatic aberration correction standard, along with the new ZEISS T* coating. The device offers telephoto macro capabilities with a 20x equivalent 3.4:1 macro magnification. It also includes a telephoto portrait feature with an 85mm ultra-high-definition portrait lens. Additionally, it utilises the human eye focus algorithm created by Blueprint, enabling reliable identification of focused eyes even at difficult angles.

The Vivo X100 Ultra has introduced the “ultra-long telephoto stage,” a feature that is renowned for its ability to capture concerts and stars with exceptional precision, almost as if it were cheating. The Blueprint imaging algorithm effectively addresses issues such as overexposure, defocus, and saturation overflow. It utilises the advanced Blueprint imaging chip V3+ to comprehensively optimise image quality problems during stage recording. Additionally, high-performance microphones are employed to achieve studio-level recording effects. The high-definition stage recording capability is remarkably impressive, reaching up to 30 times the standard resolution.

IT House will continue to monitor and provide follow-up information on vivo’s new imaging blueprint X series technical communication meeting.

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