OnePlus 12 launches AAC Bionic Vibration Motor Turbo to beat iPhone 15 Pro Max


The “Magneto New Material and Bionic Vibration Motor Turbo” introduction event, organised by AAC Technology, marked the official release of the bionic vibration motor Turbo. This motor will be integrated into the OnePlus 12 mobile phone. Two OnePlus 12 launches AAC Bionic Vibration Motor Turbo to beat iPhone 15 Pro Max

Reports indicate that this motor incorporates the N54 material into an Android motor, resulting in an 18% increase in driving force. Additionally, it is the first motor to utilise the industry’s latest magnetic circuit technology CSA+, leading to a 140% increase in braking speed, a 60% increase in starting speed, and a 102% increase in steady-state bandwidth.


OnePlus 12 launches AAC Bionic Vibration Motor

The bionic vibration motor Turbo is given the codename “Megatron”. The official asserts that all significant metrics of the motor surpass the industry standard for the motor (iPhone 15 Pro Max).

The OnePlus 12 Bionic Vibration Motor Turbo has undergone an enhanced vibration adjustment. This allows it to adapt and interact with different applications and games, while also fine-tuning the vibration impacts of the 72 categories and 700+ systems within the device’s operating system.

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The OnePlus 12 features the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, offering a 24GB+1TB variant with a huge memory capacity. It also introduces the world’s first memory gene recombination 2.0 technology and incorporates the world’s first Sony Optical LYT-808 flagship sensor.

According to OnePlus, this new phone achieved test results of 2 hours and 59.9 frames for “Genshin Impact” and 2 hours and 119.9 frames for “Honour of Kings”. Furthermore, OnePlus has also shown that the device is capable of simultaneously activating super scores and super frames for all games. One may observe that OnePlus has prioritised optimising the gaming performance of its new device.

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The OnePlus 12 will be offered in three different colours: white, light green, and rock black. Each colour will utilise a distinct technology: ceramic glass technology, emerald glass technology (the first of its kind in the industry), and silk glass technology (a new generation of this technology). Furthermore, the OnePlus 12 will introduce the “Oriental Screen” globally, featuring a peak brightness of 4500nit.

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