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Slow iOS 17 installation rate 23% 18 days after release


On September 18, Apple officially released iOS 17, the latest version of their mobile operating system. Many people have been waiting months for this opportunity. However, not everyone will be aware that iOS 17 is out or care that it was released.

Slow iOS 17 installation rate 23% 18 days after release

Mixpanel reports a lower-than-average adoption rate for iOS 17. On October 6th, 18 days after its release, around 23% of devices were running iOS 17. The percentage of users on each version of iOS is as follows: 12.13% on iOS 17.0.2, 6.84% on iOS 17.0.3, 1.76% on iOS 17.0.1, and 2% on iOS 17. About 45% of all iOS devices are running one of the two most recent versions of iOS 16 (16.6.1 or iOS 16.7).

The rate at which people update their iOS devices seems to be decreasing. 18 days after its debut, only 29% of iPhones were running iOS 16, and it took four months for 70% of customers to upgrade. In 2018, over 70% of compatible iPhones were running iOS 12 within two and a half months of its release.


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