Android 13 Can Run Windows 11

Android 13 Can Run Windows 11 On Your Andorid Phone


The release of the Android 13 Dev Preview provided us with a wealth of information about the features of the new operating system. Android 13 adds a secure photo picker, themed icons, and new Wi-Fi permission to its list of capabilities. One of the most notable features of the update, on the other hand, is that it will allow users to run alternative operating systems, such as Windows 11, in a virtual environment (VM). To put it another way, you can now use Windows 11 on your smartphone.

Danny Lin, an Android web and app developer who goes by the handle kdrag0n on Twitter, has demonstrated Windows 11 Arm running in a virtual machine on a Google Pixel 6. The phone did, in fact, have the Android 13 DP1 update installed. Take a look at the screenshots included in the tweet below.
Windows 11 wasn’t the only operating system that the developer was able to get to work on the Pixel 6 smartphone. He also demonstrated how various Linux distributions booted up on the device during the demonstration.


Android 13 Can Run Windows 11 On Your Andorid Phone

Without a doubt, Google has taken a positive step forward. Google is putting a lot of effort into developing a more robust virtualization framework that should be compatible with a wide range of Android devices.

However, it is unclear whether this feature will be available only on Pixel phones or whether it will be available on other Android devices as well. In any case, we will receive additional information about it in the coming weeks.

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