Counter-Strike 2 Playable Beta This Month


Richard Lewis, a well-known journalist, and caster within the Counter-Strike community assert that Valve is planning to release a new version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the very near future.2



This information comes from Richard Lewis. In addition, he asserts that the beta version might be available as soon as this month or in April.


For quite some time, the company has been working on this project. Valve has placed a high priority on the development of Counter-Strike 2. Because of this, the currently available version of CS: GO will not receive any updates for a considerable amount of time.


The source claims that the Source 2 engine will be used to power Counter-Strike 2 when it is released. Also, it will increase the game’s overall optimization as well as the graphic fidelity.


It is also stated to have 128-tick servers, which is a statistic that specifies how quickly a game’s server can process information. This is similar to Valo’s rant, which also has this feature.


In addition, the business plans to enhance the Matching functionality of this new edition. In addition to this, Valve is considering making it mandatory for users to abstain from using any third-party services.


At this time, it is not clear when the game will officially be made accessible for gamers to start playing. On the other hand, if the playable beta will be accessible at the specified period, then there is still a chance that the game will be launched before the year is over.

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