Cybersecurity Specialists issue warning to Google Chrome Users

Recently, a number of cybersecurity experts have issued a highly dangerous warning for Google Chrome users. Therefore, if you also use the Chrome browser, then you also need to be aware of this warning as cybersecurity experts have found security flaws in the browser that hackers can easily take advantage of and carry out their phishing attempts.

Cybersecurity Specialists issue warning to Google Chrome Users

Along with the cybersecurity experts, the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN), of India’s Ministry of Information Technology, has also given a serious warning to the users. According to the warning issued by the authority, hackers can easily victimize any user and access their personal data through a number of numbers codes included in the Chrome browser.

Furthermore, the cyber security ​​experts have informed that Chrome has malware known as V8, which can easily target any kind of computer.

On the other side, Google also claimed to remove 22 security flaws in the Chrome browser. Google said, 

Our research team has removed all these complaints in the new version.

The statement ensured users that the company would take all viable measures for their security and privacy. In addition to that, the company directed the users to get the latest update of the Internet browser Chrome 96.0.4664.93 immediately if they want to be protected from phishing attacks.

Conclusively, we would recommend that the users should act with caution and scrutinize the whole situation. If you feel any kind of danger from using the Chrome browser, then you can shift to some other browser for some time till the issue is resolved.

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