Globalstar launches satellites for Apple’s iPhone SOS service for $64M from SpaceX


U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings made public on September 2 reveal that Apple satellite service provider Globalstar recently paid US$64 million to Musk’s SpaceX (IT House note: currently about 465 million yuan) to launch satellites during 2023-2025 to enlarge the iPhone SOS satellite service.

Apple’s iPhone 14 series debuted emergency SOS technology last year, allowing users to send out satellite distress signals to reach loved ones and rescuers even in areas with no mobile phone or Wi-Fi service.

Globalstar launches satellites for Apple’s iPhone SOS service

Before the release of the iPhone 14 series, Apple invested $252 million in Globalstar and funded the purchase of $327 million in satellite equipment from a Canadian firm in order to provide this satellite SOS service.

With Globalstar providing and maintaining all employees, software, satellite systems, etc., and providing connectivity and coverage compatible with Apple’s standards, Globalstar has pledged to allocate 85% of its present and future network capacity to Apple’s iPhone.


You can use Apple’s satellite SOS service in the following countries right now: USA, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, UK, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, and Portugal.


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