GTA 6 hack source code


On GTAForums, a threat actor going under the name “teapotuberhacker” published a link to a RAR file yesterday that contained 90 films that had been stolen.

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The hack was in fact successful. Rockstar announced the following day that the company had “suffered a network breach” in which “an unauthorised third party fraudulently acquired confidential information from our system.” This includes early video from its upcoming game, which caused the parent company, Take-Two, to rush to delete recordings that were broadcast on networks such as YouTube and Twitter as quickly as they could.

GTA 6 hack source code


In the history of the gaming industry, the leak of Grand Theft Auto is among the most significant leaks. The amount of information that the hacker was able to obtain is mind-boggling; it ranges from movies to the source code for Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto VI, which are the building blocks that enable game designers to uniquely develop their games.


In the past, hackers have targeted large companies like Naughty Dog, resulting in the disclosure of previously confidential information pertaining to The Last of Us Part II.


Take-stock The value of Two went down as a result of the leak of Grand Theft Auto VI, but the company assured its shareholders that it has “taken efforts to isolate and rectify this occurrence.” Nevertheless, it’s possible that the full impact won’t be felt for quite some time.

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