Honor 90 GT mobile phone appears in the official store

The Honour 90 GT, a new mobile phone, made a brief debut at the official mall today, where its design was unveiled for the first time. As a 4G note, the phone is no longer available.

The official poster for this new phone suggests that it is called the “performance destroyer” and features a right-angled mid-frame with a single-hole straight screen. The blue equipment and line decorations on the exposed model make it instantly identifiable.

Honor 90 GT mobile phone appears in the official store

Supporting 100W rapid charging, the Honour 5G mobile phone model MAG-AN00 has been certified by the national governing body for quality. According to blogger @李安安ANGah, the Honour 90 GT phone is set to be unveiled this month. It has Qualcomm’s flagship chip and prioritizes performance.

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Also, has reported that Honor’s X50 GT and Honour 90 GT smartphones will be introduced soon. These phones will have 24 GB of RAM, three processors, optical image stabilization (OIS), and a screen and performance that are sure to impress. the idea. The high-end design is popular since both GT versions feature the Snapdragon flagship chip, which is accompanied by a high-quality direct screen and huge RAM. The blogger remained tight-lipped about the exact make and model of the chip.

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