Huawei made a number of announcements including the release of multiple smart office devices



On September 13, Huawei released several new products at their smart office product launch event. These included the HUAWEI MateBook 13s laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor and integrated graphics card for 3D rendering or 4k video editing; a 14-inch screen version called “MateBook fourteen” as well as another variant that has 10 hours of battery life (the shorter name); they also announced some updates to its desktop PC line which includes one model equipped by AMD Ryzen 7 2700U Quad-Core Processor coupled up against 16GB RAM & 1TB HDD storage space. In addition, there was independent news about how close to 100 million users have already upgraded from older versions


“This is an exciting milestone and we are grateful to our consumers for their support!” said Richard Yu, Executive Director and CEO of Consumer Business Group. He added: “HarmonyOS brings users a simpler way connect, superior user experience with more convenience services on multiple devices – all while becoming the operating system based in this Internet Of Everything era as Huawei works closely together with partners who want shared success.”

Huawei made a number of announcements

HarmonyOS 2 was installed at a record-breaking rate after the upgrade being made available on June 2 for over 100 device models including smartphones and tablets. It reached 10 million users just one week after release, 30 million on July 8 three months later with another mobile operating system can’t boast such an achievement in such a short span of time; 100 Million user is not only extremely impressive but also clearly defines why this OS will be conquering new ground soon enough!

“HarmonyOS is a cutting-edge operating system for smart devices that allows different types of devices to connect and communicate with each other through a common language. In the state-of-the-art Control Panel, you can drag an icon from one type of device onto another in order to connect them – this means using multiple gadgets as easy as just having one!”

The HarmonyOS 2 is the newest operating system for smartphones. It features superior performance and smoother operations to enable users have longer gaming sessions, as well as access atomic services such as news or calendar without even opening an app! This new update also allows them to successfully navigate through their phone’s interface in order to efficiently use all its functions while only being interrupted if necessary by notifications from various apps like Facebook Messenger which happen pretty often nowadays anyway. The seamless AI life that this OS provides helps upgrade satisfaction reaches a whole new level – meaning you will never want anything else than what your current device can offer!

This launch event included a new product, the HUAWEI PixLab X1 printer running HarmonyOS. This cutting-edge piece of technology allows users to connect it wirelessly via Bluetooth with nearby devices such as phones and tablets in order for you can print from your phone or computer without having an additional printer hooked up! The process takes less than 20 seconds which makes accessing more convenient smart tech available on-demand while also making life simpler by not needing two separate interfaces just because one might be easier at times (i.e., physical buttons).


The highlight reel video below provides highlights from today’s big announcements made during our press conference held earlier this morning:

Multiple smart office devices

The HarmonyOS operating system is attracting more and more developers to its ecosystem. The number of app creators has increased tenfold over last year, with 1000 hardware vendors embracing it in order for end users get easy access on their devices that they can use as well without having all the hassle themselves like connecting wires or different apps being required just because you have one device instead small pieces from every corner thrown together clumsily making things complicated when there was never supposed be difficult.

The key features offered by this platform makes everything seamless

In the future, we hope to see even more diversity in technology-based industries. In order for this goal of an intelligent and digital world becomes a reality, it’s necessary that all fields are standardizing on open source projects such as OpenHarmony which will help them grow by contributing code back into its community with Huawei at hand!

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