Microsoft Claims Edge Users Can Use AI-powered Image Creator

Microsoft Edge users globally can use its DALL-E-powered AI image generator. Last month, the corporation added picture-generating capabilities to its Bing chatbot, which might make it more widely available. Edge’s sidebar will display “Image Maker” when available. It’s not on Edge.

After entering the search term, Bing will generate several photos. Then download and utilize your favorites.

Microsoft launched the Image Maker in a recent blog post as a convenient tool for creating customized graphics for social media posts, presentations, and documents. The Picture Maker in Edge’s sidebar makes requesting AI-generated images while browsing the web easier than OpenAI‘s DALL-E, Microsoft’s Bing image creation site, or Bing Chat’s built-in image generator. This upgrade will save users time and effort, letting them focus on other things.

Microsoft Claims Edge Users Can Use AI-powered Image Creator

For now, Microsoft requires adding it to your sidebar before using it. In the sidebar, click the “+” icon, and toggle the Image Maker option.

Microsoft did not immediately answer questions about how many photos users may produce or when it would be available to everyone.

In addition to the Picture Maker, Microsoft is bringing new capabilities to Edge, including the Drop tool, which lets users email files and other information to oneself and create a personal notebook that syncs across devices. “Browser Essentials” promotes Edge’s speed and malware detection (though this feature is currently only available on early-access builds).

This development should make AI-assisted image creation easier and boost productivity and creativity.

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