Microsoft Employee Tabs for Notepad App in Windows 11

For two reasons, whatever new development that a manufacturer is working on is always kept under wraps. 1) It is possible to copy the underlying concept and present it to the business that was developing it. 2) What would customers be waiting for if a business disclosed everything beforehand? However, rumors and leaks are usually responsible for consumers learning about half of a device’s details. One such unintentional disclosure came from a Microsoft worker who announced the Tabs for Notepad App in Windows 11 by error.

Microsoft Employee Tabs for Notepad App in Windows 11


By accident, Microsoft’s senior product manager posted a screenshot of Microsoft Notes with tabs online. He posted an image of the app with the following text:

“Windows 11’s Notepad now has tabs!” creating a speaker emoji in the process.

Despite the fact that there was a complete declaration, it doesn’t seem accidental, but it appears the business afterward modified its plans. Since this software is still being tested, it is unusual for something like this to occur.


We can, however, cast doubt on it because of the screenshot given by the product manager of the company, which was marked “Confidential, Don’t discuss features or take screenshots,” on it.

As a result, this tweet was later removed, but the harm had already been done because tech journalists had already seen it. Now that it has been announced, what happened can be undone. If Microsoft adds the tabs feature to its next version, it will resemble a built-in tool because it will have a tabbed interface, continuing with File Explorer’s tabs feature this year.

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