Middle East Airlines plane hit by stray bullet while landing in Beirut


Middle East Airlines Plane Hit By A Stray Bullet While Landing In Beirut


BEIRUT: A Middle East Airlines (MEA) passenger jet travelling from Jordan to Beirut was hit by a stray gunshot as it landed in Beirut on Thursday, but no casualties were recorded, according to MEA Chairman Mohamad El-Hout.


Seven to eight stationary planes get hit by stray gunshots fired from regions around Beirut airport each year, according to El- Hout, but Wednesday’s event was the first time it had happened to a moving airliner.

In Lebanon, where gun ownership is common, celebratory gunfire frequently occurs to mark political speeches and the announcement of official exam results, among other events.

Bullet penetrates the plane carrying Yacoubian! “Al-Kalima Online” learned that a bullet penetrated the Middle East plane coming from Jordan, which was carrying the MP

and other passengers after landing on the runway at Rafic Hariri International Airport this afternoon. Investigations are still underway to determine the source of the bullet and the details of the incident

On the flight, Lebanese lawmaker Paula Yacoubian posted pictures to her Twitter account that appeared to show a hole in the plane’s fuselage.

She said that the event happened “just over my head” as she was seated in seat 2F.

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