Nadeem Naniwala arrested for kidnapping YouTuber

Roasting is a common method used by content providers on social media in order to increase the number of views their posts receive. Not only does roasting allow them to acquire favourable views, but it also allows them to speak with each other about the content of their practices or the practises that they carry out. One example of this sort of thing took place when a YouTuber by the name of Ahmed Ali mocked a famous Pakistani TikToker by the name of Nadeem Mubarak Alias Naniwala. TikTok Nadeem Mubarak took YouTuber Ahmed Ali hostage as a form of retaliation rather than following the standard practice of these social media creators, which is to continue making videos about each other as a form of response.


Nadeem Naniwala arrested for kidnapping YouTuber


The victim had been threatened by Nadeem Mubarak prior to this abduction for filming a video against him in response to an argument they had had online. While this should have been the end of the story, Naniwala and his four pals made their way to the Daska district of Sialkot, where they came face to face with YouTuber Ahmed Ali and his brother. We have reason to be thankful that Ahmed Ali’s brother managed to get away from the dangerous situation.

Following the filing of the section 365 complaint by the victim’s brother, the police moved quickly to investigate the situation and were successful in retrieving the video from YouTube. On the other side, the Sialkot Police Department sent out a tweet in which they acknowledged the detention of Nadeem Naniwala for the crime of kidnapping. YouTuber Ahmed reportedly reported to authorities that he was taken against his will to an unknown location and severely beaten by Tiktoker and several of his associates.


The District Police Officer (DPO) in Sialkot has responded to the whole affair by taking action, and he has ensured that justice would be done in this particular case.


Without a shadow of a doubt, burning each other is probably not the best course of action; but, responding to it by kidnapping someone is a very heinous act. It would appear that all of our patience has been exhausted. This tragic event serves as a reminder to all of us as a nation that we need to work on becoming a better version of ourselves.

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