Pakistan improves ranking in Global Innovation Index 2021


The Global Innovation Index (GII) is a test of nations across the globe, by their capacity to innovate. Pakistan was ranked 99th out of 132 nations that took part during the GII 2021.

The current ranking of Pakistan, 99, is the highest-ranking it has ever had. Pakistan was placed at 105 in the year 2019 and then dropped two spots to 107 by 2020.


“While the new Global Innovation Tracker tracks the most recent global innovation trends, this issue also looks at the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on innovation.”

Pakistan improves ranking in Global Innovation Index 2021

In an announcement, the group said, “The overall formula for assessing an economy’s inventive capacity and production gives clarity for decision-makers in government, business, and elsewhere as they look ahead to adopting policies that empower their people to innovate and create more effectively.”

Based on the findings of the report Pakistan was able to surpass the lower-middle-income nations in four areas: business technological sophistication, knowledge and outputs, as well as creative outputs.

Pakistan has also performed better than those of the Central as well as Southern Asian countries in the four categories mentioned previously.

The Global Innovation Index focuses on the idea that innovation is a crucial element of success in the economy. It has proven to be an accurate measure of innovation, and also it is a “tool for action” that governments can use to determine their own strategies for innovation.

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