Samsung Galaxy S22 to have a 50 MP RGBW sensor


Each year, Samsung has been releasing new phone models with better camera sensors. This is the case for their latest release: a 50 MP sensor that also includes RGBW technology. What does this mean? Well, it will be able to capture four times more light than any other device on the market!

Each consecutive year since 2015 has seen fantastic innovation from Samsung in regards to smartphone cameras and they have just released an even bigger leap forward for 2020 – one which uses both ISOCELL as well as Quad-Pixel technologies. The next Galaxy S22 model will come equipped with a 50-megapixel image chip capable of capturing 400% more detail compared to its predecessor thanks largely due to using pixel binning or “RGBW”.Both sensors are going to be introduced in September.


A new chip, RGBW, has been created that is better able to provide a pure white light. The sensors in the device are now also able to read red and blue colours as well as green which should make for more accurate colour rendition of highlights with high contrast scenes.

The Huawei P8 was one of the first phones to introduce a 50 MP camera before any other company followed suit. The new sensor is sure to produce stunning photos with low noise in even lower light, which will increase their quality and improve results for photographers everywhere.

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