Screaming Frog Adds Google URL API

Screaming Frog Adds Google URL Inspection API


No time was wasted in integrating Google’s new URL inspection API, which provides access to the most recent indexing data available. As a result of the new API, Screaming Frog is able to provide seven brand new filters that detect website issues that need to be addressed.

Additionally, the new update, codenamed Romeo, fixes a log4j vulnerability issue, provides new keyboard shortcuts and fixes a few issues to make Screaming Frog a more stable application.


As a result of Google’s new URL Inspection API, software applications such as Screaming Frog can now have access to Google Search Console and integrate information into the tool.

API (Application Programming Interface) is an abbreviation for this. It acts as a link between two software programmes, allowing them to communicate with one another and share data, as well as establish a certain amount of integration between the two programmes themselves.

Screaming Frog Adds Google URL Inspection API

Because of the integration of the URL Inspection API into Screaming Frog, the popular site auditing application is now able to give the following fresh new troubleshooting filters to its users.

“URL Is Not Listed on Google” is one of seven new auditing filters.

The URL has not been indexed by Google, and as a result, will not appear in search results. This filter can include both non-indexable URLs (such as those marked as ‘noindex’) and indexable URLs that are capable of being indexed by search engines. According to the API, it’s a catch-all filter for everything that isn’t already on Google.

The indexable URL has not been indexed.

There are indexable URLs detected in the crawl that have not yet been indexed by Google and hence will not appear in search results. This can include URLs that are unknown to Google, URLs that have been discovered but have not yet been indexed, and other URLs that are not yet indexed.

The URL is listed on Google, but there are problems with it.

The URL has been indexed and is capable of appearing in Google Search results; however, there are some issues with mobile usability, AMP, and Rich results that may prevent it from appearing in the most optimal way possible.

User-Declared The Canonical Version Was Not Selected

Google has opted to index a URL that differs from the one that was started by the user in the HTML document.

This page is not optimised for mobile devices.

On mobile devices, there are some difficulties with the page.

The AMP URL is not valid.

There is a problem with the AMP, which will prohibit it from being indexed.

The Rich Result is not valid.

It has been determined that the URL contains an error with one or more rich result enhancements, and as a result, the rich result will not appear in the Google search results.”

This API integration provides the benefit of being able to overlay the Search Console indexing data over the Screaming Frog crawl data. This allows you to see all of the on-page data points retrieved by Screaming Frog juxtaposed with the indexing status, which is extremely useful.

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