Telegram Adds Video Playback Speed and Video Calls up to 1000 Viewers


Telegram has been updated to 2.0! The new and improved features include high-resolution circular video messages, the ability to tap a message for an expanded view of its content, pausing videos with scrubbing capabilities; you can also record voice messages or your background audio won’t pause (much like What Sapp). Moreover, Telegram now includes screen sharing that allows users to share their screens as well as accompanying audio recordings on Android devices running version 4.4 KitKat+.Don’t miss this update from one of our favorite messaging apps today!

With a new auto-delete feature, your messages will automatically delete after one month. You can now draw more precisely onto images before sending them to friends or groups. If you’re on the Android app, there are even more animations in passcode screens and chats that’ll animate as well! A password reset option has been added for those of us who don’t have recovery passwords which is set at 7 days maximum if forgotten by accident – much less stressful than forgetting it forever!


Telegram is finally adding new animated emoji’s and will be able to integrate with the camera app on iOS. The iPhone’s Emoji keyboard offers a variety of icons for people in different moods, which has been an area Telegram had fallen behind.

The popular messaging service, Telegram announced that they’re releasing updates including more emoticons and integration between their app and Apple’s camera feature all so you can take photos directly from inside the programs interface instead of being forced back out into your phone first every time.

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