The OnePlus execs discuss mobile phone system update


Currently, just two manufacturers, Samsung and Google, offer the most extensive system update services for their flagship devices. Both the Samsung Galaxy S24 series and the Google Pixel 8 series are guaranteed to receive Android updates for seven years. IT House observed that OnePlus had previously committed to offering a total of four years of system upgrades for the OnePlus 12, along with an extra year of security patches. While not inherently poor, it is comparatively subpar concerning its rivals Samsung and Google. In a recent interview with Tom’s Guide, Kinder Liu, the President of OnePlus, explained the cause.



The OnePlus execs discuss mobile phone system update


Kinder Liu emphasized that simply prolonging the duration of system updates is not a comprehensive solution, since the seamless user experience holds equal significance. In his view, the provision of extended software upgrades is rendered futile if the hardware performance of the phone fails to match it. He employed a metaphorical comparison, likening the mobile phone to a sandwich, whereby the software represents the fillings and the hardware represents the bread. While several manufacturers assert that their mobile phone system updates can endure for up to seven years, it is important to note that after four years, the hardware performance of the phone may have deteriorated, akin to the bread of a sandwich becoming moldy. Despite a seven-year system update, the user experience may still be subpar.

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Kinder Liu further elucidated that OnePlus has established a longstanding partnership with TÜV Rheinland SUD in Germany to carry out simulated usage testing on OnePlus 12 and 12R. Drawing upon the outcomes of these tests, the firm pledges to offer users a four-year assurance of “fast and smooth” performance.


Furthermore, Kinder Liu also addressed the issue of battery deterioration that the phone may experience after seven years of usage. According to him, companies that claim to provide system upgrades for seven years might not ensure that their phone batteries will endure for the same duration.

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