Twitter and Facebook it up a new Circle feature for close friends only


Who would have guessed that the social media platform that gained popularity for letting users broadcast their thoughts to the globe in 280 characters at a time would one day explore letting users restrict the number of people they may communicate with? In other news, a brand-new feature for Twitter called Circle is now available to everyone. Following an evaluation period of four months, Twitter determined that the modification was an improvement to the platform.

Twitter and Facebook it up a new Circle feature for close friends only


Therefore, you are now able to create a Circle for yourself and add up to 150 accounts to its membership. When you send out a tweet, you have the option of deciding whether you want your thoughts to be broadcast to the general public or kept private among your followers. Twitter claims that users who participated in the test were inspired to tweet more frequently and also received a greater number of engagements, responses, and likes from their network of connections. Twitter and Facebook it up a new Circle feature for close friends only

Because each user is limited to a single Twitter Circle, it is impossible to organise one’s life into distinct circles on Twitter for business, friends, and the public, as one might do on Facebook. The retweet button will not work to reshare your limited posts when used by members of the circle; nonetheless, Twitter will remind you to keep in mind that screenshots are a thing that can happen. If someone joins you to their Circle, you can’t truly leave it; if you don’t like the conversations, your only options are to mute, unfollow, or block the person who added you.


This does not take the place of Protected Accounts; if you have your Twitter account set to private status, your tweets will continue to be visible only to the followers that you have approved in advance. Then, if you want to tweet to people that you have… pre-approved and post-approved, we think, you have access to an additional level of an inner Circle that you may use. In any case, the function should be available to you right now; if it hasn’t downloaded automatically yet, look for the app update in the store where you normally get your apps if it hasn’t happened already.

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