You can now make upto $10,000 per month with YouTube Shorts


Youtube has just announced a new $100 million fund that will pay creators up to $10,000 per month for making short films exclusively on their site. The brand-new Youtube Shorts function was first made available in the US earlier this year and is scheduled to be released all over the world by July.

The level of popularity required to earn money will be determined by the number of individuals that create and view Shorts each month, as well as the location of their audiences.


Neal Mohan, YouTube’s Chief Product Officer said “We are not requiring content creators on our site to use Short in order increase their overall interaction”. The company’s objective is to give every creative a voice”

Simply producing films for YouTube Shorts will not earn you $10,000. Google is willing to pay up t that amount if your video has a lot of views and interaction but it’s unlikely to happen just by uploading content from the comfort of home. However, there are ten ways creators can now make money on Youtube with the launch of their new Shorts Fund!

YouTube’s new monetization program is a great way for creators to earn money and get their work out there. Unlike other platforms, YouTube pays you based on how many people view your video rather than the number of likes or shares it gets. Some views are worth more in Google’s eyes as opposed to others so they must be evenly distributed among all producers. You also need original content according to Youtube if you want any compensation at all reuploads will prohibit a channel from getting paid!

The YouTube Shorts fund will be used to compensate artists over the following year, with a ‘long-term scalable monetization system’ eventually replacing it. The company does not intend to broadcast advertisements on YouTube Shorts and is unclear how it would make money off of the site in its current state.

YouTube is developing a new way to compensate creators, with Super Thanks. You can now give thanks and appreciation to uploaded videos through the ‘Super Thanks’ feature.

YouTube has historically compensated content creators based on advertising in front of their YouTube clips, but they want viewers to be able to experience more than just ads so are also creating a system where people will be able to say thank you for watching someone’s video by clicking ‘Super Thank.’ This allows them not only to show gratitude towards other users while helping those who upload videos get paid too!

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