Jazz Increases the Call rate

Standard Prepaid Champion Package

Jazz Increases the Call rate


When you sign up for a new prepaid connection, Jazz Champion is the default bundle. On March 16, 2022, the call rate will be increased from PKR 3.11/minute to PKR 3.30/minute, with effect from that date forward. It is an unexpected decision on the part of jazz, given that it operates in a highly competitive environment, which can cause users to switch to alternative networks.

Standard Prepaid Champion Package


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The call rate of Jazz’s Standard Prepaid Champion Package has been increased by 20%.
It is also possible that the reason for this spike is related to the crisis between Ukraine and Russia. The protracted battle has had a negative impact on Veon, which owns significant stakes in the jazz industry. In this case, it is possible that Veon requested a higher contribution from jazz, which resulted in the latter increasing call fees in response. We’re still not sure what the specific explanation is, to be honest.

Terms and conditions

  • By default, the Jazz Champions bundle will be included with all MNP and new sales.
  • After the move, all voice and value-added services, as well as text and data services, are scheduled to be
  • terminated within three days.
  • Any customer who wishes to subscribe to services that are not permitted on the champion plan will be
  • required to switch to a different package in order for them to be available.
  • Every call will be subject to an Rs. 0.15 call setup cost per call.

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