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Best Internet packages in Pakistan? Which One to Choose in 2020


best internet packages pakistanIf you are looking for “The best internet 3G/4Gpackages in Pakistan in 2019,” then this article will give you an in-depth insight into all the internet packages offered by renowned telecommunication companies in Pakistan. We will also provide you with a comparison of different internet offers provided by Zong, Telenor, Jazz, and Ufone. The article covers the following answers, as well:

  • Which is the best internet package in Pakistan?
  • Which are the fastest yet economical networks in Pakistan?
  • Which 4G device is best?
  • Which mobile network is best in Pakistan?

Let’s discuss this in detail. The telecommunication industry is at its boom in Pakistan for the last 15 years. A significant increase in the number of 3G/4G subscribers is noted since the previous year. Pakistan telecommunication authorities (PTA) report says that by the end of July 2019 the 3G/4G subscribers have crossed 69.64 million as compared to the previous years’ 68.93 million subscribers. Chinese Smartphone brands’ invasion in the Pakistan telecom market has played a vital role in increasing Smartphone users in Pakistan.


Which is the best internet package in Pakistan?

When it comes to knowing which the best internet package in Pakistan is? The answer can vary from one user to others, as it depends upon the need of the user. There are several factors that contribute to the best internet package. The 3G/4G internet was launched in 2014, since then the mobile telecom operators are focusing on internet packages to cater to the needs of customers, keeping in view the time and usage of all the users. Although, each company is struggling hard to provide the best Internet package in Pakistan, which one is successful in maintaining its standard? We will help you out in finding which company is providing high-speed internet at an affordable price and best customer services. Most of the telecom companies offer packages in the following categories:

  • Daily 3G/4G Internet Packages
  • 3-Day 3G/4G Internet Packages
  • Weekly 3G/4G Internet Packages
  • Monthly 3G/4G Internet Packages
  • Social Media Packs

The list also provides information on how to subscribe and unsubscribe internet packages. The daily or weekly charges are also mentioned. The list includes the latest prices or charges, and all the codes mentioned are updated and 100% working.

Zong internet packages:

Zong is the first Chinese telecom operating in Pakistan since 2008. When Zong started its career, it was the smallest telecom company as compared to the other giant market holding companies like Jazz, Telenor, and Ufone. However, now this company is competing with other rival companies by providing highly affordable internet packages to its subscribers. Zong introduced the 4G network in Pakistan, and it is holding the largest share of the 4G network, and currently, their 4G network is operating in most of the urban and suburban areas of all over the country. The Zong internet packages include daily, 3 -days, weekly and monthly internet bundles as per need of the customers.

PackageVolumeValidityPriceHow To Subscribe
Daily Basic100MB24hoursRs.15Dial *6464#
Daily Data Max500MB24hoursRs.35Dial *6464#
Daytime Offer1.2GB4AM to 7PMRs.16Dial *47#
Good Night Offer2.5GB1AM to 9AMRs.14.5Dial *6464# or send sms an SMS 'gno' to 6464
Super Weekly2.5 GB7 DaysRs. 120Dial *6464#
Super Weekly Plus5 GB7 DaysRs. 160Dial *20#
Super Weekly Max5 GB + 5GB ( 4AM to 4PM )7 DaysRs. 200Dial *220#
Monthly Mini 150150MB30DaysRs.50Dial *6464#
Monthly Basic 500500MB30DaysRs.150Dial *6464#
Monthly Premium 3 GB3GB300DaysRs.150Dial *6464#

One of the greatest achievements of Zong telecom is that with its highest data traffic, Zong has gain prominence in digital leadership in Pakistan and win the “best 4G service in Pakistan award” by the” Consumers Association of Pakistan.”

Jazz internet packages:

jazz 4g statisticsJazz is leading in 4G service and provides 20.67 Mbps to its customers. Whereas, Zong is a runner up with 14.05 Mbps speed.

Warid and Jazz merged in 2016, and total subscribers of both Jazz and Warid are more than 50 million. So, we can say that Jazz is leading both in terms of customer reach and as a data provider. Other than 4G, the company is also providing 3G and 2G networks, and by the end of 2018, the 3G customers of Jazz reached 14.29 million.

Jazz offers different internet packages, daily, weekly, monthly, and 3 day packages.

Jazz daily internet packages:

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Jazz 3-day internet packages:

Jazz 3-day internet packagesJazz weekly internet packages: Jazz weekly internet packages

 Jazz monthly internet packages:

Jazz monthly internet packages

Ufone internet packages:

Ufone is also one of the fastest emerging telecoms in Pakistan. According to PTA quarterly survey conducted last year, Ufone is competing with other cellular companies in providing best call service throughout the country. Although by the end of 2018, Ufone customers are reaching over 5.7 million customers. However, Ufone is not providing the 4G network to its customers and offering the 3G network only, which is extremely disappointing. Ufone is one of the leading telecoms with over 24 million subscribers, but still, it is unable to provide 4G network, while the world will move towards 5G network soon. Ufone is also offering daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages as follow.

 Daily Ufone internet packages:

Daily Ufone internet packages Ufone 3-day internet package: Ufone 3-day internet package

Weekly Ufone internet packages:

Weekly Ufone internet packages

 Monthly Ufone internet packages:

 Monthly Ufone internet packagesTelenor internet packages: Telenor is a worldwide telecommunication company, and its network is currently operating in Asia, East Europe, and Scandinavia. The Telenor Company operating in Pakistan is a subsidiary of this Telenor Group. According to PTA, Telenor is the second-largest telecom as its subscribers are more than 39 million. Telenor is providing a both 3G and 4G network in Pakistan and its 3G subscriber’s are10.63 Million while 4G subscribers are over 1.5 million. As far as the internet speed is concerned, Telenor is lagging behind Zong and Jazz by only providing 6 Mbps, which is why people are reluctant to subscribe to this network. Telenor is also offering daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages as follow.

Telenor 4G Daily internet packages:

Telenor 4G Daily internet packages

Telenor 4G Weekly Packages:

Telenor 4G Weekly Packages

Telenor 4G 3 Days Packages:

Telenor 4G 3 Days Packages

Telenor 4G Monthly Packages:

Telenor 4G Monthly Packages

Which telecom company is offering the best internet packages in Pakistan? Let’s compare:

PTA carried out a quarterly survey in 27 cities over Pakistan to monitor the nature of administration being given by the telecom companies in Pakistan a year ago. Various parameters (data, voice, and SMS) were considered for judging the overall service of telecoms. Zong and Jazz both showed Excellency for internet data service. Jazz lead all other companies for providing the highest 4G speed while Zong topped the chart for the best 3G network. So, we can see that both are offering best internet packages in Pakistan Moreover, Ufone won as best call service provider. SMS service of both Zong and Ufone was equally good. Jazz also won Ookla’s Speed test in 2018 as “Fastest Mobile Network provider in Pakistan.” Let’s compare internet packages offered by Top telecoms:

Daily internet packages

Most of the telecom companies are offering a variety of usage-based packages according to the need of the customers. A fair amount is deducted on a daily subscription of the required package. You can notice that Jazz daily internet package is the most economical one as it is offering 50 MB 4Gdata just for Rs.12.

Day internet packages:

3-Day internet packages are mostly used by customers who have limited internet usage. Here is a comparison between Jazz, Ufone, and Telenor.

Weekly internet packages:

Weekly internet packages are widely used by most of the customers; that’s why the telecoms are offering special packages. Where you will get a lot of variety and choices to choose the best internet package according to your needs.

Monthly internet packages:

Monthly internet packages are designed for both light and heavy usage of the internet. You can see different options in GBs and in MBs, where you can use it occasionally or for the whole month.

The Wrap:

We have provided you a detailed insight of all the best internet packages by Top telecoms of Pakistan. We discussed it individually and also provided you a comparison of different data packages. In the end, it’s up to you how you analyze which is the best internet package? It can be in terms of high-speed data or low-priced and easy-on-the-pocket internet package.  

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