Pakistani Internet Disruptions May Last 3 Months PTA


Pakistani internet users, who have been dealing with recent outages, encountered another difficult day on January 20. The blackout in Pakistan was attributed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to ongoing system upgrades, with an attempt to provide technical justifications. Nevertheless, the disconcerting estimated timeframe of “2 to 3 months” only to intensify public apprehensions.



Director General Ahmed Shamim Pirzada, together with Caretaker Information Minister Murtaza Solangi and FIA Cybercrime Director of Operations Waqaruddin Syed, encountered a doubtful audience during a news conference. The coincidence of the outage occurring simultaneously with a pre-scheduled online event organized by a particular political party has raised suspicions of deliberate throttling. This idea was reinforced by a comparable sequence of disturbances on December 17 and January 7.


Pakistani Internet Disruptions May Last 3 Months PTA


Minister Solangi, while emphasizing the technical malfunction explanation, admitted the potential for additional disruptions. Nevertheless, these lukewarm assurances had minimal effect in alleviating public anxieties, particularly in light of the suspiciously timed power outages.


Further contributing to the mistrust was the previous statement from the PTA, which attributed the January 20th disruption to a “technical fault,” thereby intensifying public skepticism. The tech-savvy populace in Pakistan expressed clear and strong anger towards what they saw as a lack of openness and the prolonged time taken to resolve the issue.


The netizens’ displeasure was intensified by the perceived influence on online events and activities, especially those about political matters. The blackout that occurred on January 20, coinciding with a planned political event, caused suspicion and sparked conjecture over possible meddling in the digital realm.

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As apprehensions escalated, residents expressed their dissatisfaction on diverse social media sites. The users are requesting more explicit elucidations and a more pragmatic schedule for the settlement of the internet disturbances. A multitude of individuals voiced their exasperation with the persistent technological difficulties and the perceived absence of responsibility inside the PTA.


Amidst these events, concerns over the dependability of Pakistan’s digital infrastructure were raised, leading to a wider conversation about the necessity for strong systems and greater openness in communication from regulatory agencies.


Ultimately, the recent internet interruptions in Pakistan have not only affected the online experiences of its citizens but have also intensified doubt and annoyance. The public is demanding greater transparency and responsibility from the authorities due to the suspiciously timed blackouts, ambiguous technical explanations, and prolonged resolution schedule.

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