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TikTok has become a cultural powerhouse in Pakistan, drawing in a diverse population that loves to share and connect. The appeal of this app is that it is constantly updated with fresh content and challenges to keep players interested. Celebrities like Jannat Mirza, Zulqarnain Sikander, Areeka Haq, and Alishba Anjum are among TikTok’s most popular users and most influential creators. Learn about TikTok Challenges

While TikTok’s challenges are always changing, Infinix’s #CaptureYourOwnStory Challenge has stood out to users around the country. The competition got more individual when Jannat Mirza shared some details on how she uses her Infinix ZERO 30 4G in her day-to-day life. Mirza illustrated how the smartphone readily becomes an extension of her regular life experiences. From getting ready in the morning to hanging out with friends, Mirza’s movie showed how the smartphone can be used in a variety of contexts to create a story.


Another prominent individual on TikTok, Zulqarnain Sikander, followed suit by uploading a touching video of him spending quality time with his daughter, a move that touched viewers all around the world. In addition to highlighting the smartphone’s capacity to record precious family moments, the film also showcased its 2k film recording capability, making it a fantastic tool for recording both professional and personal content.

The drama unfolded further as Areeba Nadeem became the focus of a vibrant TikTok video. Nadeem’s imaginative representation of her time with pals while using an Infinix ZERO 30 4G highlighted the phone’s dynamic capabilities. This movie did a great job of showcasing the smartphone’s top-notch camera and how well it would serve content makers who want to improve their teamwork on TikTok. Haris Ali, meanwhile, took the challenge and gave it his own spin by incorporating vlogging into his everyday life. These influencer-driven storylines not only gave the challenge new life, but they also gave readers an up-close look at how the Infinix ZERO 30 fits into a variety of lifestyles.

Follow these steps to join in the challenge as well:

If you use TikTok, follow @infinixpakistan.

Whatever it is that brings you joy—a sunrise, a joke with friends, a good meal—be sure to record it using the Infinix-provided form.

Send us your entry by posting it online with the hashtag #CaptureYourOwnStory and tagging us at @InfinixOfficial.

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The #CaptureYourOwnStory Challenge has shifted its focus to the front 50 MP vlog camera on the Infinix ZERO 30 4G. In addition to taking bright and clear selfies, users may also record high-quality movies for their TikTok stories. The extra feature of a 108 MP back camera means that every facet of a tale, from the biggest scenery to the tiniest detail, is retained with unsurpassed clarity. In short, the Infinix ZERO 30 4G has established itself as the go-to companion for video makers seeking to enrich their storytelling on TikTok, whether through the spectacular clarity of scenic pictures or the intimate moments of daily life.

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