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Apple Watch Pro to Launch as with iPhone 14


We are now only a few weeks away from the launch event that Apple will be hosting. The iPhone 14 and Watch Series 8 will both be present at the premiere event that will take place this year, as is common knowledge and should come as no surprise. This is something that we are aware of due to the fact that September is traditionally the month in which Apple introduces new models of its smartphones and watches. On the other hand, businesses will occasionally surprise their customers by disclosing “one more item.”


In the nineties, Apple’s co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs was the one who initially presented the concept of “One More Thing.” On the other hand, this occurrence does not take place on each and every occasion; but, when it does, it is accompanied by something monumental and incredible. In the past, this net was responsible for the unexpected arrival of the first-generation iPod Shuffle, MacBook Air, Apple TV, and the first Apple Watch. Now that the debut is getting closer, a Japanese website known as Macotara has disclosed that this time there will be a reveal of “One More Thing,” and it will contain Apple Watch Pro on September 7th. This information was revealed because the launch is getting closer.

This idea squares up nicely with the information that has been leaked in the past about the Apple Watch Pro having a bigger display. This watch will have a generally flat appearance and will have a design that is fairly comparable to that of the iPhone 13 pro. According to what has been disclosed, the case size of the Watch Pro will be 47 millimetres, making it significantly larger than the 41mm and 45mm variations of the current-generation Watch Series 7. The watch will have a larger screen measuring 1.99 inches and a significantly larger battery.

Apple Watch Pro to Launch as with iPhone 14

Apple has designed this Watch Pro with the intention of catering to athletes as well as anyone else who want a watch with expanded capabilities for tracking their health and fitness. One further rumour that piques our interest is the possibility of a robust titanium case with a screen that is resistant to breaking. Because of this, the cost of the watch will be greater than the cost of the models that came before it when it was first released.

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