Infinix Launches All-New NOTE 12 VIP With Ultra-Fast Charging


Today, Infinix announced the debut of its brand-new NOTE 12 VIP smartphone, which boasts a high level of performance thanks to its 120W Hyper Charge capabilities, a svelte 6.7-inch FHD+ Super Light AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, 108MP Cinematic Triple Camera, and other features. On both Daraz and Xpark, the NOTE 12 VIP will be sold for Rs. 55,999 when it becomes available. Beginning on the 13th of June, customers will be able to take advantage of an early bird discount of up to Rs. 2500. With cutting-edge performance features such as aerospace-grade ultra-thin glass fibre, up to 5 GB of expanded RAM, and 103 charging and battery protections that ensure users’ devices are always fully charged and protected whenever they are required to do so.

Infinix Launches All-New NOTE 12 VIP With Ultra-Fast Charging

“With its new NOTE 12 Series, which embodies flawless form and function, Infinix is creating a new standard for high-quality smartphone performance and design,” according to Vento Lin, who is the Product Manager of NOTE Series at Infinix Mobility. “This series mixes quick-charging power and strong chipsets into an iconic design that is excellent for developing professionals who need a light, versatile, and high-performance gadget,” the company says. “This series is perfect for them.”



The Prospects for Quick Charging in the Future


This lightweight smartphone is more portable than it has ever been while remaining powered throughout the whole day thanks to the 120W ultra-fast hypercharging rates that come standard with the NOTE 12 VIP, which is one of the thinnest smartphones on the market.


Infinix integrated 120W Hyper Charge and a 4500mAh battery into the NOTE 12 VIP smartphone, providing consumers with maximised battery capacity and supersonic charging speeds that can charge up the device from 0 percent to 100 percent battery power in just 17 minutes [1]. Infinix added a dual-charge pump and a dual-cell battery in order to facilitate the achievement of fast-charging capabilities. In addition to doubling the amount of accessible input, this enables the NOTE 12 VIP to adjust the voltage and amperage to the ideal ratio.


The smartphone has 103 charging and battery protection measures, which cover the whole charging cycle for the charger, circuit, and battery, to ensure that ultra-fast charging is done in a safe manner. These features also keep ultra-fast charging safe. The Samsung Galaxy Note 12 VIP not only has all-encompassing projection features, but it also has 18 thermal sensors that monitor the temperature of the device in real time to ensure that charging the smartphone is always done in a secure manner. Platinum super conducting material, which boosts the corrosion resistance of the charging cable for increased charging material longevity, is used in the NOTE 12 VIP, which further enhances the charging benefits already provided by the device.


The Brand-New and Improved NOTE 12 VIP


The Samsung Galaxy Note 12 VIP has a charge cycle count of up to 800, and it can preserve up to 85 percent of its battery capacity thanks to the combination of all of these useful features. In addition, the TüV Rheinland Safe Fast-Charge System certification has validated the reliability and durability of the NOTE 12 VIP’s 120W Hyper Charge, which demonstrates that it can be charged on a daily basis without affecting its performance.


Stunningly Beautiful Design Language


The NOTE 12 VIP is the ideal smartphone because to its elegant and refined design, which is wrapped around high-performance capabilities. The apparatus makes use of an ultra-thin glass fibre material that is of aerospace grade. This material has the feel of glass but the strength of carbon fibre. The material contributes to the feather-light dimensions and ultrasleek design of the NOTE 12 VIP, which measures 7.89 millimetres and weighs only 199 grammes.


Style, power, and performance all rolled into one


This cutting-edge design houses a 6.7-inch FHD+ Super Light AMOLED display that provides users with a sharp screen that is packed with essential image features such as a 10-bit colour depth that has more than 1 billion colours, excellent contrast ratios, and a colour gamut that covers 100 percent of the DCI-P3 standard. The AMOLED display has a flexible screen, which enables it to have a remarkably capable lower bezel measuring 3.1 millimetres in width, as well as a screen-to-body ratio of 93.1 percent and increased resistance to screen impact. The display also offers customers a silky smooth visual experience with a sharp 120Hz ultra-refresh rate and 360Hz touch sampling that quickly synchronises with every swipe. Both of these features contribute to the panel’s overall high level of performance. The TÜV Rheinland-accredited reduced blue light eye comfort certification that comes with the NOTE 12 VIP enables users to use the device for longer periods of time without experiencing as much strain on their eyes.


Users are also able to experience immersive visuals with the NOTE 12 G96’s 6.7″ FHD+ True Color AMOLED display, which produces crystal clear brightness even in broad daylight and offers a variety of adjustable settings to cater to the needs of a variety of customers.


Capture Fantastic Photos


The 108MP Cinematic Triple Camera found on the NOTE 12 VIP smartphone is comprised of a 13MP Ultra-wide angle lens and a Depth lens with Laser Detection Auto Focus, both of which are capable of taking outstanding photographs. The camera has a huge 1/1.67-inch sensor that has an ultra-high resolution of 12000 by 90000. It offers pixel binning of 9-in-1, which results in huge pixels of 1.92 micrometres in size that can take in more light and produce maximum detail. The inclusion of a Laser Detection Auto Concentrate also helps to successfully increase the phone’s ability to focus in environments with low levels of illumination.


In addition to these crucial characteristics:


Dual Speakers with DTS: The NOTE 12 Series provides a powerful 360-degree surround sound with enhanced audio thanks to the combination of the two technologies.

Graphene Cooling System: The NOTE 12 VIP features a 9-Layer Colling System with graphene and Vapor-Chamber Liquid Cooling for a reduction in core temperature of up to 15 degrees Celsius [4].

Linear Motor Tactile Systems: The NOTE 12 VIP features a Dual X-axis Linear Motor Tactile System, which provides customers with an entirely new touch sensation while they are gaming.

The Dar-Link 2.0 from Infinix: In order to provide a more immersive gaming experience, the programme uses an artificial intelligence system to enhance image stability while simultaneously lowering the temperature of the device.

XOS 10.6 Software: The NOTE 12 VIP comes equipped with the latest version of the XOS 10.6 software, which is based on Android 12 and has a number of new features. Some of these new features include the Storage Optimizer, Lightning Multi-Window, and Privacy Guardian. In addition, the NOTE 12 VIP is compatible with the Folax AI voice assistant, which contributes to improvements in quality of life.

Cost and Obtainability of the Item


Beginning on June 13th, the Cayenne Grey and Force Black 256GB versions of the NOTE 12 VIP will be available for purchase on Daraz for Rs. 55,999 and Xpark for the same price.

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