Playing games and watching ads will lower your phone

watching ads will lower your phone bill at Boost Mobile

Others are taking a more direct approach to what has become the standard in recent years: the digital aspect of our lives. While many companies continue to pump astonishing amounts of money into things like “metaverse,” NFT, and blockchain technology in the hope of making even more money, others are taking a more direct approach to what has become the standard.

Playing games and watching ads will lower your phone

Boost Mobile is one of the companies that is working on implementing a novel method of bill payment for its client base as part of the company’s ongoing efforts in this direction. It’s something that other businesses have done in the past, so it’s obviously not something creative or unique, but it’s an option that will allow people to save money while doing something interesting, and that’s a win-win situation.

According to CNET, Boost Mobile has recently made available to its customers a brand new way to reduce the cost of their monthly bills. Customers of Boost Mobile will, in essence, be able to pay all or part of their monthly phone bills by watching advertisements and playing games on the company’s website.

They will be able to play very basic games or view advertisements in order to earn coins that they can use to cut their phone costs. This new choice may be accessed through the new BoostOne app that was just released by the wireless carrier. It would appear that Boost Mobile got the idea for this payment approach from the advertisements that you see for in-game awards on popular titles like Candy Crush and Fortnite.

It is common sense that it will take some time for you to accumulate enough pennies to pay off your entire phone bill. For instance, one of a carrier’s Boost Coins is comparable to one cent, and if you view an advertisement that lasts for several seconds, you will receive two Boost Coins. Players have the opportunity to win anywhere from five cents to five dollars when they take a spin on the “spin to win” wheel, which is another option to earn Boost Coins.

watching ads will lower your phone bill at Boost Mobile

You’ll soon be able to pay for the carrier’s handsets with Boost Coins if Boost Mobile follows through with its ambitions to expand its “watch-and-earn” payment model to include phone purchases, which is an intriguing development considering Boost Mobile’s plans to do so. It’s a novel idea that gives customers an alternate form of payment to choose from in addition to the standard currency. However, given the fact that time is the most valuable commodity in today’s society, it is likely that many people may give up on attempting to cut their phone bills if doing so takes up an excessive amount of their lives.

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