Samsung Galaxy Not Turning on How to Fix


The brand Samsung is able to live up to its reputation thanks to several innovative features that are included in its products. Yet, frequent faults ranging from small to severe, such as the phone not turning on at all, only serve to obscure these facts. There could be a problem with either the software or the hardware on your Samsung Galaxy phone, causing it to be inoperable. So, in order to diagnose and resolve the issue, we will have to implement a number of different solutions. Samsung Galaxy Not Turning on How to Fix

The phone is Out of Battery



The fact that a phone’s battery has run out of juice is often the first sign that the device is no longer functioning. Do you happen to remember how long it’s been since the last time you charged it? The majority of mobile devices still have enough battery to switch on for at least a few seconds after being turned off. But, if it has been many hours since the last time it was charged, the battery in your phone may no longer have any life left in it.

As a direct consequence of this, your phone won’t even power up to show the Samsung logo when you try. Even if you charge it for a while, it might not switch back on for a lengthy amount of time even after you do so.

First, try turning on your Samsung Galaxy phone again after giving it a full charge to see whether it simply went to sleep because its battery was low.

However, it is recommended that you do not charge it by connecting the USB cord to a personal computer (PC) or laptop computer (laptop).
Instead of a wireless charger, you should be sure to utilize a USB cable and adapter that are officially manufactured by Samsung and that is connected to a proper power outlet.

You can also utilize a quick-charging adaptor if you have one available to you.
Leave it alone. Please allow the phone to charge for a minimum of ten to fifteen minutes.
Examine the battery to see if it has sustained any damage if you find that your phone does not charge at all. Take a mental note of how thick the phone is. It is possible that the battery in your phone has enlarged if it is noticeably thicker than usual, bloated, or protruding outward. In this particular scenario, we do not advise that you continue to charge the phone. Instead, you should hurry over to the help center as soon as possible.

There is a possibility that the firmware on your phone will break or malfunction due to software flaws or malfunctions. If this is the case, a defective firmware update could cause your phone to abruptly power off and become unable to be turned back on again. You can try to solve it by restarting your Samsung phone in a very vigorous manner.

This procedure is not the same as doing a hard reset, and as a result, your data will not be deleted. This is how you may give it a try:

Maintain pressure on the Power button or the Power button in conjunction with the Volume Down button for twenty to thirty seconds or until the Samsung logo appears, whichever comes first.

Check USB Cable/Port


If you have left your phone to charge and it is still not turning on, there is a possibility that it did not charge properly because either the micro-USB cable or the charging port is broken. First, examine the cable to see whether it has any signs of damage. Check very carefully to see if the rubber sheath on the outside has been ripped and if the wires are now exposed. It’s also possible that the USB has picked up some dirt particles.

Try using a different USB cable to see if that fixes the problem with the charging port. You can be certain that there is an issue with the charging port if you try another cable and find that it does not function normally.

Inspect Hardware Damage
If the force restart approach does not work, or if your phone has a full charge but is still unable to switch on, the issue is most likely caused by hardware damage. If the internal components of the phone sustain any kind of physical damage or if the motherboard develops a defect, the phone will no longer function properly. If this is the case, we do not recommend that you make any attempts to repair any damage to the hardware on your own. It is recommended that you take your phone to a local repair store so that it can be fixed by a trained specialist.

Mobile Viruses

Your phone may suddenly switch off by itself and refuse to turn on if it has been compromised by a severe mobile virus infection or data breach. The virus has the potential to perform a number of unwanted adjustments to your phone and potentially to cause the software to malfunction. These viruses typically come from questionable applications provided by third parties.

Rebooting your Samsung phone in safe mode is one option for removing any viruses that may be present on your device. When you switch to this mode, any customized or preferred settings will be reverted to their original state, and any third-party applications will be rendered inoperable. The layouts and widgets on your home screen will also be reset to their default states. This is helpful in the event that your phone is unable to power on as a result of any potential infections or malfunctioning applications.

After pressing them both, continue to hold down the Side/Power button while also pressing and holding the Volume Down button.

Release the Power button as soon as you see the Samsung logo, but maintain pressure on the Volume Down button throughout the process.

After the phone has been turned on, the Volume Down button should be released. You should now see an option labeled “Safe Mode” in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
Nevertheless, restarting your Samsung phone in Safe mode is not guaranteed to succeed, particularly if you have not performed the instructions in the correct order.

Please get in touch with Samsung Help.

The best course of action, should you find that your Samsung phone still will not power on at any point, is to get in touch with the Samsung Support staff. Because you may choose your precise Samsung Galaxy model, ranging from the Galaxy S5 Sport all the way up to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, it comes in quite handy. You can search for articles that are pertinent to your phone, get direct online help, or even make an appointment for a walk-in repair service.

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