Android Users Should Delete These 11 malicious Apps

Google play store contains a lot of malicious apps compromising users’ security and data.


Despite this, the firm continues to remove such applications from its platform. However, another list of dangerous applications has recently been discovered. According to recent allegations, the personal information of millions of Android users is at risk. If Android users are more concerned about their security, they should remove these 11 dangerous apps from their devices immediately. Android Users Should Delete These 11 malicious Apps

Android Users Should Delete These 11 malicious Apps



They pose a threat to everything from your bank account to your passwords to all types of financial services and money transfer platforms, and they may be downloaded from the internet. Some applications contain trojans that are exceedingly harmful. There are potentially 60 million potential victims according to The Wall Street Journal, and the figure is growing every day. It is expected that 60 million of these individuals have downloaded and installed the malicious applications described below.

  • Speed Camera Radar
  • Al-Moazin Lite (Prayer Times)
  • Wi-Fi Mouse (remote control PC)
  • QR & Barcode Scanner (developed by AppSource Hub)
  • Qibla Compass – Ramadan 2022
  • Simple weather & clock widget (developed by Differ)
  • Handcent Next SMS-Text with MMS
  • Smart Kit 360
  • Al Quran MP3 – 50 Reciters & Translation Audio
  • Full Quran MP3 – 50+ Languages & Translation Audio
  • Audiosdroid Audio Studio DAW

Some of these apps are based on Islamic principles. During this holy month of Ramadan, people prefer to devote more time to reading or listening to the Quran. Therefore, these applications pose a significant threat to them.

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