AT&T drops HBO Max free removes Unlimited Elite plan


When large organisations make significant changes to their services that have a detrimental impact on customers and then don’t even attempt to communicate these changes through official channels, it may be extremely unpleasant for customers. It won’t happen when they have something great to share with their potential customers, though; you can count on that.

In light of this, it would appear that AT&T has discreetly eliminated the HBO Max benefit for new customers who sign up for the carrier’s most expensive unlimited wireless plan. In point of fact, AT&T has discontinued the Unlimited Elite plan, which was the company’s highest-tier postpaid package for phones, with prices beginning at $85 per line (sort of).


AT&T drops HBO Max free

Previously, the Limitless Elite package included unlimited high-speed priority on device internet, 40GB of hotspot data, 4K video streaming, coverage in Canada and Mexico, and free access to the HBO Max streaming service.


AT&T has replaced the Unlimited Elite plan, which was previously available on their website, with a new plan called Unlimited Premium. This new plan is almost identical to the previous one (including the price), but there are a few key differences. The elimination of the HBO Max streaming service is by far the most significant change. The second change is an increase from the standard 40GB to 50GB of data that can be used in hotspots.

AT&T drops HBO Max free removes Unlimited Elite plan

Customers will now have access to 50GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data instead of the previously offered 40GB, but they will no longer be able to view free episodes of HBO Max. Sadly, that does not even come close to the value of the HBO Max bundled perk that consumers of the Unlimited Elite plan would receive, which is $15 per month.


If you are already enrolled in AT&T’s Unlimited Elite plan, the good news is that you will not lose access to any of these benefits as long as you continue to maintain your current plan. However, new customers who want AT&T’s highest-tier unlimited cellular plan will have to choose the Unlimited Premium plan as their subscription option going forward.


However, it is noteworthy to note that AT&T’s prepaid carrier, Cricket Wireless, still offers HBO Max’s ad-supported tier as part of its plan offering. This may change sooner rather than later, but for the time being, it is still the case.


AT&T officials stated back in November, when the carrier’s sale of WarnerMedia to Discovery was in full gear, that the company will continue to bundle HBO Max with its wireless plans even after the transaction has been finalised. Discovery is buying WarnerMedia from AT&T. The Chief Financial Officer of AT&T, Pascal Desroches, was recently cited as saying that he anticipates the company will achieve a commercial agreement to continue bundling HBO Max.


It is unfortunate that two months have passed since the completion of the $43 billion deal between Warner Bros. and Discovery, and it appears that the two firms have not been able to execute any agreements for the distribution of HBO Max.


AT&T spokesperson Jim Greer stated in a statement that “HBO Max is a terrific service, but we constantly experiment with the services we provide our customers to give them the best value.” The statement was supplied to CNET. It is obvious that switching from HBO Max to 10 GB of hotspot data is not a fantastic deal, but if you are currently subscribed to AT&T’s Unlimited Elite plan, at least you get to keep the privileges that come with your subscription.

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