Check Battery Health of Xiaomi Devices


Mi smart TV was the product that kicked off Xiaomi’s business. Mi Fit is a smartphone software that is used to control the many Xiaomi Android devices that have been gradually developed by the company. These devices are able to easily connect with Bluetooth and are managed by the Mi Fit app. The Xiaomi Android smartphones make it possible for enterprises to enrol devices in a safe and hassle-free manner, and they also provide an intuitive interface for individual users. The company’s success in becoming one of the top five smartphone vendors in the world can be attributed, in part, to the variety of smartphone series it offers. MIUI, Mi Series, Mi Note Series, Mi Max Series, Mi Mix Series, T Series, Mi NoteBook Series, Redmi Series, Blackshark Series, and POCO Series are some of the numerous series of Xiaomi Android devices. Other series include Mi Note Series, Mi Mix Series, and T Series. These are the various mobile devices that belong to Xiaomi. Pad Tablets, Mi WiFi, Xiaomi TV, Mi Box and TV Stick, Xiaomi Cloud, Mi Talk, Mi Notebook Air, Mi Notebook Air 4G, Mi Gaming Laptop, and Mi Notebook are some of the other Xiaomi Android devices. In addition to these goods, there is also the Mi Scooter, a variety of smartwatches, and smart bands, all of which are compatible with Android-based electronic gadgets. This blog explains how to check the status of the battery in Xiaomi devices and focuses on the process.

Check Battery Health of Xiaomi Devices

The products are all superior and up to standard, and they give clients a wide range of options from which to choose. The user wants to have a Xiaomi Android Device that has the best battery health, thus the buyer’s primary concern should be whether or not the device’s battery is in good health. This is the single most important area of concern for the buyer. Therefore, the most important question is how to check the health of the battery on Xiaomi Android devices in order to select the best option.


The batteries we use now are not at all like the ones we used to have. The capabilities of the charging speed have also increased with time. In today’s world, there are a lot of different ways to charge a battery quicker than in the past; however, the newer techniques of charging are significantly more hazardous than the older ones. Because of this, it is best to keep an eye on the condition of the battery in order to head off any potential issues. Even more so, it is a good idea to test the device’s battery before making the purchase. There are a few tried-and-true procedures that are widely used that we can recommend to others as ways to evaluate the state of the battery on Xiaomi Android devices.

Checking the battery health of your Xiaomi device may be done in a few different ways:
Even if it is not easy to get access to the health of the battery on Android devices, there are a few methods that can be found below that will assist the reader get a better concept of how to check the health of the Android battery.

ADB Method: This is the traditional approach of determining the state of the phone’s battery. ADB drivers will need to be installed, and the phone’s developer options will be made available after that. This step is necessary in order to activate the USB Debugging functionality on your device. In order to ensure that the measurements are accurate, the fully charged phone will be connected to the personal computer.

A mathematical formula is required to be used by the user in order to determine the percentage of remaining battery life. In order to calculate this, you will need to utilise the formula: (actual capacity / current capacity) *100.

To complete the process, the user must proceed through each of these easy stages in order.

Launch the command prompt (cmd) on your personal computer (PC) or launch CMD from within the ADB folder to make things easier.

Connect the phone to the computer and type “ADB shell” on the keyboard. If the drivers have been installed correctly, the personal computer should discover the phone almost immediately, and the command line should display the device’s codename.

In the event that everything works out as planned, type “dumpsys battery” and hit enter.
This will display the current charge level of the battery on the smartphone or any other device.

Report an Error:
It’s interesting to note that users of Xiaomi devices running MIUI have another option for determining the condition of their batteries. MIUI, which is Android firmware and is based on the open-source Android operating system, is what the smartphones run, and they do so on the MIUI software. This can be verified by generating a bug report within the software, which makes use of the exact same mathematical formula as the ADB does. The following procedures need to be completed in order to obtain a bug report:


Launch the configuration utility, and then select “My device” from the drop-down menu. After viewing all of the specifications, click on the CPU info button five times.

The user will be able to locate the bug report that was generated by the device in the status bar after it has been generated automatically by the device.

Find the bug report zip file that corresponds to the date you created the bug report and extract its contents using the file explorer that came with your operating system.

Simply enter the file that has been extracted by clicking on it; you will find another zip archive inside. Extract the contents of file, and then insert it here.

You should use a text editor to open the text file that was extracted from the most recent compressed file, and then search for “health” in it.

The LADB Technique: As the name suggests, the LADB method is somewhat similar to the ADB method, with the main distinction being that it can assist us in using ADB instructions over the phone. This is the only benefit of the LADB method. It is also possible to check the status of a phone’s battery over the phone itself, without having to connect the device to a computer.

In order to make use of this approach, you will need to carry out the following steps:

Launch the Settings app, navigate to the developer menu, and turn on the wifi debugging option.
After activating the “Wireless Debugging” capability, launch the LADB application and transform the window into a “Floating Window” configuration.

Now navigate to the “Wireless Debugging” menu and select the “Pair device using pairing code” option from the drop-down list.

Now, enter those numbers down in the Port area of the LADB Application, which can be found under the IP address and Port section.

Now you should see a message that says “Wireless Debugging Connected,” which indicates that we are free to utilise any and all ADB commands on LADB.

Checking the current battery life of Xiaomi’s Android devices will be easier as a result of this.
MIUI 13.5 Upcoming In the upcoming MIUI 13 beta releases, features that will be included in MIUI 13.5 are currently being developed. The impending release of MIUI 13.5 will include a significant number of brand-new features. New backgrounds, sidebars, widgets, and many other features are among the additions to the site. In addition, the control centre, as well as the news icons, animations, and new interfaces, have all been updated. With regard to the battery, the functionality that displayed the battery’s current health has been deleted from the future version of MIUI (13.5). The manufacturer has not yet provided any additional information regarding how the condition of their batteries might be determined at this time.

All of the methods that will assist you in determining the state of the battery on a Xiaomi gadget are listed above. You are welcome to contact us via email if you experience any difficulties with the technique described above. Aside from this, the methods that have already been described are able to accurately determine the battery capacity of your Xiaomi gadget as well as the percentage of its overall battery health. If the battery health % on your Xiaomi device is low, you should give your battery a full charge when it has been completely drained. This is especially important if you have been using your device for a long time. Now it’s time to verify the condition of your battery once again. If the condition has not improved, you must immediately get a new battery for your device.

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