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ColorOS 14 OPPO Reno11 series mobile phones


OPPO has announced that their Reno11 line of smartphones, which will be the first to run ColorOS 14, will be available for purchase beginning at 14:00 on November 23.

In its official introduction, Reno11 boasts that its smartphones “create a new benchmark for user experience through all-around upgrades in areas such as smart experience, comprehensive smoothness, and privacy security.”

ColorOS 14 OPPO Reno11 series mobile phones

According to previous reports by 4gpackages, the Reno11 series based on ColorOS14 brings users a “fluid cloud” interaction mode, which is claimed to be able to integrate time-sensitive services in the system and use multiple interactive forms to achieve on-demand information flow and keep users informed. You may easily switch between your primary and secondary Apps with a single click, making switching between them a breeze.

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According to the company, the Reno11 series will have ColorOS14 installed in order to ensure total smoothness in all of the most important scenarios. ColorOS14’s increased smart capabilities will enable new services and efficiency tools, such as file transfer stations and smart cutouts, that will streamline the process of gathering and editing content.


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