Facebook Meta New initiatives for online safety of women in Pakistan

Facebook Launched online safety of women in Pakistan


Women’s safety has always been a top priority for META, and the firm has introduced two new projects this year that are focused on women’s online safety as well. These two projects, Online Safety Guide and Stop NCII (Non-consensual intimate images) are intended to assist people in protecting themselves when surfing the internet. It has always been a priority for Facebook to ensure the safety of women on their social media platforms in Pakistan.

Meta New initiatives for online safety of women in Pakistan



Due to the fact that the programme has been established in Pakistan, the safety warning is available in both English and Urdu, and the primary purpose of the initiative is to increase digital literacy and to promote responsible online conduct among users. In this approach, the platform hopes to establish safer online spaces where women may communicate with one another and express themselves without being restricted. This effort is being funded in partnership with a global non-governmental organisation (NGO) partner — the UK Revenge Porn Helpline — with the goal of reducing the sharing of non-consensual intimate photos (NCII), also known as Revenge Porn.

The Meta Safety Center has a copy of this safety guide available. With this programme, the company is continuing its efforts to equip and prepare consumers for the challenges of living in a digital world that is always evolving.

Facebook Launched online safety of women in Pakistan

Many major difficulties can be avoided if we keep ourselves informed about online harassment issues, unsolicited messages, and a variety of fraudulent and criminal activities that take place in the online domain. In addition to this, Meta has rules in place to combat online violence against women, which are centred on raising awareness and empowering women to protect themselves against terrible people on the internet.

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