Future Nokia Phones Won’t have Zeiss Cameras


Fans of the Nokia Phone will not like this piece of information:

Nokia and Zeiss have decided to cancel their collaboration. In the future, Nokia smartphones won’t have cameras manufactured by Zeiss. It has been confirmed by HMD Global that the company has terminated its long-running agreement with the camera company, Zeiss, to offer optical hardware for its Nokia-branded smartphones.


Additionally, the corporation disclosed that the cooperation between the two businesses would truly come to an end in the year 2021. In addition, the Zeiss lens hardware included within the Nokia XR20 phone was HMD Global’s final inclusion in a smartphone. Regrettably, the corporation has not divulged any information regarding the reason(s) for terminating its agreement with Zeiss. However, one of the reasons could be to bring down the price of Nokia phones by terminating their licence agreement with Zeiss.

Future Nokia Phones Won’t have Zeiss Cameras

When Nokia first began selling smartphones, the company formed a partnership with Zeiss in order to enhance the optics of its mobile devices. In later years, however, the company decided to sell its smartphone business to Microsoft and then provide HMD Global with a licence to use the Nokia brand for the production of mobile devices bearing the Nokia name.

In 2017, HMD Global once again collaborated with Zeiss to further develop the camera capabilities of its mobile devices. As part of the cooperation, Zeiss will not only need to share new imaging algorithms and sensors with HMD Global, but it will also be responsible for providing new optics. The relationship has resulted in the production of some remarkable camera hardware, such as the Nokia 9 PureView and the Nokia 8.3. There is currently no information available on the cameras that will be included in future Nokia phones.

In any case, Zeiss has also revealed its cooperation with Vivo, which will see its optics included in smartphones produced by Vivo. During that time, Zeiss stated that their partnership with Nokia will continue and that it would not be exclusive. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the collaboration lasted for only one more year.

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