Easypaisa has launched an industry first Credit Score Visibility feature for its users


Easypaisa, in a move that will revolutionise the way that consumers obtain access to digital financial services, has released an industry-first Credit Score Visibility tool for its users. This function will allow users to see their credit scores. This cutting-edge solution will eventually make a wide variety of exciting opportunities available to customers while also educating them on the most effective methods for effective financial management.

Customers who are qualified to receive Easycash loans are the only ones who will have access to view their Easypaisa Credit Score within the app. Consumers now have access to more information on their credit scores, including the bearing that they’re the use of digital payment methods, credit profiles (if visible), savings, and subscriptions have on those scores.


M. Mudassar Aqil, Chief Executive Officer of Easypaisa and Telenor Microfinance Bank, had this to say in response to this recent turn of events:

“While as a nation we are making significant headway in financial inclusion, access to credit remains still an area where the majority of Pakistanis are unable to obtain formal credit from a financial institution due to a lack of documentation of the economy. This is despite the fact that we are making significant strides in this area as a country. The introduction of a credit score on the Easypaisa app is an exciting first step in our road plan, as it will equip every user with the knowledge necessary to comprehend what a credit score is and how they may improve their score to gain access to credit on more favourable terms. This functionality will also serve as an incentive for users of Easypaisa to engage in digital transactions, which will aid in the transition of Pakistan toward a cashless economy.

Easypaisa has launched an industry-first Credit Score Visibility feature

Customers who have a better understanding of their credit scores will not only be more financially independent, but they will also be better able to appreciate the advantages of maintaining or raising their ratings. “Our commitment to financial inclusion is unparalleled,” said Khurram Waraich, Group Head, Digital Lending & Data Science for Easypaisa. “The Easypaisa Credit Score is the latest example of our efforts to increase consumer awareness and transparency while giving them greater control and freedom,” he added.

Easypaisa’s revolutionary, AI-powered Credit Score rating was released not long after the in-app ‘Savings’ feature, and its primary goal is to improve people’s livelihoods through increased financial literacy. Easypaisa is dedicated to achieving its mission of changing Pakistan into a cashless and financially inclusive society by harnessing the power of collaboration and technology. The company often breaks new ground in technological innovation with features such as these.

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