M-Tag registration Guide 2022


The National Highways and Motorway Police have made M-Tag registration mandatory for motorway traffic. According to police, vehicles without M-Tags are not allowed on highways starting December 7, 2021.


What documents are required for MTag registration?

It was previously believed that your CNIC (Car Registration Book), Driver’s License, and CNIC might be required. But, things have changed. According to NHMP officials, the Registration Book is no more required. According to NHMP officials, the Registration Book is no longer required.

M-Tag registration Guide

The old requirements were temporarily suspended by M-Tag, One Network’s Chief Brand consultant. It is very simple to get your M-Tag. All you need is your CNIC and your car to any Motorway Recharge station. He stated, “Our representative will insert the M-Tag.”

Where can I get my M-Tag registration in Islamabad

Two booths are available in Islamabad for M-Tag registration.

Mcdonald’s Parking, F-9 Park Islamabad Timings 1400-1700 Hrs

Mcdonald’s Parking, Roundabout, DHA Phase 2, Islamabad. Timings 1800-2000 Hrs.

How do I recharge my M-Tag registration

You can recharge your MTag using the following methods: Scratch card Recharge, Jazz Cash, and EasyPaisa.

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