Google is planning to merge its two video conferencing platforms


Both the platforms offered video chats facility to users, so Google decided to merge them as both offered the same functionality in one way or another. The basic aim behind the company’s this decision was to have one unified app that can be used to wish someone a birthday, and at the same time, people should be using it for meetings or other things. In short, it wanted to merge the characteristics of both apps, making them 360-degree for video-related functionalities. We even got rumors suggesting the name of the platform to be Duet which is a combination of DUO and Meet. However, the new report comes up with another news that reveals that Google will no longer be Google is not Merging Duo and Meet to offer dedicated consumer-focused video service.

Google is planning to merge its two video conferencing

For Meet, Google will be adding new functionality that allows users to initiate video conferencing by just making a phone call.  Other than this, the company plans to offer end-to-end encryption to Duo. The team which was previously working on Duet is deployed to the Google Meet team to bring enterprise-related features to the platform. Due to this, the Duo is quite neglected for the last few months.


The company has also rolled out changes that it launched for duo users in past.

  • Adding Duo to Samsung TVs.
  • Sharing HD screens.
  • New controls for sharing screens.
  • New protections and spam controls.
  • 18 new video effects were launched for Duo.

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