Hareem Shah’s New Stunt Lands Her in Trouble with FIA


It’s an addiction to be in the spotlight. Once tasted, the person craves it again and again. And, in order to gain attention, the individual will occasionally do quite ridiculous and absurd things. TikTok is one medium that has provided many people with a fast track to fame and celebrity. Many people abuse the platform, and it has been banned for the third time in Pakistan. Hareem Shah is a well-known TikTok celebrity who has made a name for himself on the internet. Hareem Shah’s latest effort to stay in the spotlight has gotten her in hot water with the FIA.

Hareem Shah said in a video that she unlawfully took thousands of euros out of Pakistan. Various videos have been posted on various platforms. The TikTok shows off bundles of foreign currency in an Instagram video. She also explained how she was able to take such a large sum of money with her without difficulty in the video. She also stated that she was unaware of the lowest quantity she may take abroad.

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Hareem Shah TikTok Star

She also stated that she had a work visa and was carrying proof of why she was carrying such a large sum of money, thus she had no problems. In her video, she cautioned her viewers about the dangers of carrying such a large amount.

The Federal Probe Agency (FIA) has launched an investigation into Hareem Shah after the video went viral. Hareem Shah from Karachi International Airport boarded a Qatar Airways flight to the United Kingdom on Monday, January 10th, according to FIA Karachi Director Amir Farooqui.

Rabia Qureshi, Deputy Director Immigration, will lead the investigation into Hareem Shah. The role of Customs personnel will be investigated as well.

Hareem Shah has erased her videos following the FIA‘s response to her footage. To stay out of hot trouble, she provided a clarification regarding the money she flaunted in the video.

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