Yoast SEO is bringing the capabilities of its WordPress app to Shopify 2022


Optimizing Shopify blog pages and product pages is now easier thanks to Yoast SEO, which launches this month and includes similar features to the well-known WordPress plugin.

It is expected to go live on the 18th of January. Yoast SEO to Shopify is available for purchase in 27 different languages and comes with a 14-day free trial.


Following the period of trial is over, Yoast SEO for Shopify will cost a monthly cost of $29 for each month.

If you’re familiar Yoast SEO used by WordPress that has more than five million installations active, then you’ll know precisely what you need to know about the Shopify application.

Here’s a list of the most important aspects:

  • SEO Analysis helps you optimize your content for key phrases you want to target. Yoast’s knowledge of key phrases and synonyms help writers write naturally.
  • Analyzing readability Make SEO-friendly web pages and blogs that are updated with real-time analysis of readability that can the ways and places your content could be enhanced.
  • Automatically structured data Yoast SEO instantly creates important structured data that aids Google to understand what your site is about.
  • Previews of social media Alongside visualizing what your product and posts appear like on Google it is also possible to imagine how they’ll appear when they are posted on social media.

Why Shopify?

If you’re familiar with Yoast as a business, you might be aware that it only supports open-source platforms.

It could make you be wondering what the reason is Yoast has suddenly embraced Shopify as a closed source.

What About WordPress?

Yoast SEO to WordPress will not be going away it will get the same level of service.

The company says it is fully committed towards “Five For The Future,” which is a program where businesses commit five percent or more of their time and resources for WordPress. WordPress project.

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